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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2013Structures of the Compact Helical Core Domains of Feline Calicivirus and Murine Norovirus VPg ProteinsLeen, EN; Kwok, KYR; Birtley, JR; Simpson, PJ; Subba-Reddy, CV, et al
21-Jan-2016Structures of the DfsB protein family suggest a cationic, helical sibling-lethal factor peptideTaylor, J; Taylor, G; Hare, S; Matthews, SJ;
21-Aug-2015Structures of the RNA polymerase-sigma(54) reveal new and conserved regulatory strategiesYang, Y; Darbari, VC; Zhang, N; Lu, D; Glyde, R, et al
31-Dec-2001Strut and tie models for analysis/design of external beam-column jointsVollum,R.L.,; Newman,J.B.,
Jun-2022StrutSurf: A tool for analysis of strut morphology and surface roughness in additively manufactured latticesOosterbeek, R; Jeffers, J;
10-Jan-2004Stuart vortices on a sphereCrowdy, DG
Jan-2021Stuart-type polar vortices on a rotating sphereConstantin, A; Crowdy, D; Krishnamurthy, V; Wheeler, M
3-Feb-2014Stub column tests on stainless steel built-up sectionsYuan, HX; Wang, YQ; Shi, YJ; Gardner, L
16-Jun-2021Student surveys: measuring the relationship between satisfaction and engagementKandiko Howson, C; Matos, F
1-May-2019Students’ behavioural engagement in reviewing their tele-consultation feedback within an online clinical communication skills platformLiu, C; Lim, R; Taylor, S; Calvo, RA
11-Jun-2015Studienkonzept MonDAFIS: impact of standardized MONitoring for detection of atrial fibrillation in ischemic strokeHaeusler, KG; Heuschmann, PU; Kirchhof, P; Laufs, U; Nabavi, D, et al
1985Studies by computer simulation of visual detection and discrimination of astronomical objectsPerry, C.
1969Studies concerning esterase enzymes and organophosphate insecticide resistance in Musca Domestica L.Ahmad, Sami
1965Studies concerning neurosecretion in the Khapra beetle : Trogoderma granariumAzmy, Nabila Mohamed
1970Studies concerning some novel flames and spectral sources and their use in atomic spectroscopySargent, Michael
1971Studies concerning sperm transfer in some higher dipteraPollock, J
1971Studies concerning the toxic and physiological effects of phosphine on insects of some pest speciesRajak, Ratan Lal
1965Studies for the design of a plant for the thermodynamic properties of steam at temperatures up to 750�C and pressures up to 1000kgAngus, Selby
1975Studies in absorption phenomena at an electrode surfaceTyson, Julian Fell
1967Studies in alkaloid biosynthesisShah, Sayed Wadal