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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Nov-2021Strain dependence of Berry-phase-induced anomalous Hall effect in the non-collinear antiferro-magnet Mn3NiNJohnson, F; Boldrin, D; Zemen, J; Pesquera, D; Kim, J, et al
7-Jan-2015Strain discrimination of Yersinia pestis using a SERS-based electrochemically driven melting curve analysis of variable number tandem repeat sequencesPapadopoulou, E; Gale, N; Goodchild, SA; Cleary, DW; Weller, SA, et al
21-Jul-2016Strain distribution on material surfaces during combustion regime transitionsHampp, F; Lindstedt, RP
21-Feb-2019Strain engineering of adsorbate self-assembly on graphene for band gap tuningHilderbrand, M; Abualnaja, F; Makwana, Z; Harrison, N;
29-Jun-2016Strain gradient plasticity modeling of hydrogen diffusion to the crack tipMartinez-Paneda, E; Del Busto, S; Niordson, CF; Betegon, C
15-Sep-2016Strain gradient plasticity-based modeling of hydrogen environment assisted crackingMartinez-Paneda, E; Niordson, CF; Gangloff, RP
1968Strain hardening and softening of metals produced by cycles of plastic deformationOldroyd, Philip William John
21-May-2015Strain localization and failure in irradiated zircaloy with crystal plasticityErinosho, TO; Dunne, FPE
27-Aug-2020Strain maps of the left atrium imagedwith a novel high-resolutionCINEMRI protocol*Varela Anjari, M; Queiros, S; Anjari, M; Correia, T; King, A, et al
1-Jun-2018Strain measurement and error analysis in thermo-mechanical tensile tests of sheet metals for hot stamping applicationsShao, Z; Li, N; Lin, J; Dean, TA;
11-Nov-2020Strain migration during multiphase extension, Stord Basin, northern North Sea riftFazlikhani, H; Aagotnes, SS; Refvem, MA; Hamilton-Wright, J; Bell, RE, et al
6-Jun-2020Strain migration during multiphase extension, Stord Basin, northern North Sea riftFazlikhani, H; Aagotnes, S; Refvem, M; Hamilton-wright, J; Bell, R, et al
15-Nov-2014Strain migration during multiphase extension: observations from the northern North SeaBell, RE; Jackson, CA-L; Whipp, PS; Clements, B; Person, A
Dec-2014Strain path dependence in ferritic steel polycrystalsDunne, Fionn; Erinosho, Tomiwa
2-Nov-2016Strain rate dependency of fractures of immature boneCheong, VS; Karunaratne, A; Amis, AA; Bull, AMJ;
12-Sep-2018Strain rate sensitivity in commercial pure titanium: the competition between slip and deformation twinningLuan, Q; Britton, TB; Jun, T;
30-Aug-2016Strain Sensors with Adjustable Sensitivity by Tailoring the Microstructure of Graphene Aerogel/PDMS NanocompositesWu, S; Ladani, R; Zhang, J; Ghorbani, K; Zhang, X, et al
1-Jun-2020Strain uniformity footprint on mechanical performance and erosion-corrosion behavior of equal channel angular pressed pure titaniumDjavanroodi, F; Attarilar, S; Irfan, OM; Al-Mufadi, FA; Ebrahimi, M, et al
21-Jul-2016Strain-dependent and distinctive T-cell responses to HIV antigens following immunisation of mice with differing chimpanzee adenovirus vaccine vectorsHerath, S; Le Heron, A; Colloca, S; Patterson, S; Tatoud, R, et al
1-Jan-2015Strain-rate sensitivity of the lateral collateral ligament of the kneeBonner, TJ; Newell, N; Karunaratne, A; Pullen, AD; Amis, AA, et al