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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Oct-2015Repeated vertebral augmentation for new vertebral compression fractures of postvertebral augmentation patients: a nationwide cohort study - how useful is the current clinical gold standard for fracture risk?Wilson, HCP; Abel, PD; Shah, SIA
1983A repetitive element in the human genome : its organization and possible application to the study of genetic diseaseDarling, Susan Mary
Feb-2021Repetitive nasal allergen challenge in allergic rhinitis: priming and Th2-type inflammation but no evidence of remodelling.Orban, N; Jacobson, MR; Nouri-Aria, KT; Durham, SR; Eifan, AO
1980Repetitive picosecond chronoscopy with modelocked CW dye lasersAdams, Martin Charles
1-Nov-2020Replacement of red and processed meat with other food sources of protein and the risk of type 2 diabetes in European populations: The EPIC-interAct studyIbsen, DB; Steur, M; Imamura, F; Overvad, K; Schulze, MB, et al
1982Replacement parts policies in the automobile and domestic appliance industriesCheriyan, A. T.
11-Jan-2016REPLACR-mutagenesis, a one-step method for site-directed mutagenesis by recombineeringTrehan, A; Kielbus, M; Czapinski, J; Stepulak, A; Huhtaniemi, I, et al
1966Replenishment and pricing policies for semi-perishable goodsMallya, Rajan Venkateswar
1-Sep-2020Replicating landmine blast loading in cellular <i>in Vitro</i> modelsSory, DR; Amin, HD; Chapman, D; Proud, WG; Rankin, SM, et al
27-May-2016Replicating repetitive DNATognetti, S; Speck, C;
30-Jun-2010Replication and Abstraction: Symmetry in Automated Formal Verification.Wahl, T; Donaldson, AF
9-Jun-2016Replication and Characterization of Association between ABO SNPs and Red Blood Cell Traits by Meta-Analysis in EuropeansMcLachlan, S; Giambartolomei, C; White, J; Charoen, P; Wong, A, et al
2-Aug-2016Replication of LC-MS untargeted lipidomics results in patients with calcific coronary disease: an interlaboratory reproducibility studyDjekic, D; Pinto, R; Vorkas, PA; Henein, MY
4-May-2015Replication of Plasmodium in reticulocytes can occur without hemozoin formation, resulting in chloroquine resistanceLin, J-W; Spaccapelo, R; Schwarzer, E; Sajid, M; Annoura, T, et al
1982The replication of tobacco necrosis virus in cowpen leaf protoplastsOldfield, S. J.
24-Mar-2015Replicative fitness of transmitted HIV-1 drives acute immune activation, proviral load in memory CD4+ T cells, and disease progression.Claiborne, DT; Prince, JL; Scully, E; Macharia, G; Micci, L, et al
12-Apr-2016ReplyBønnelykke, K; Vissing, NH; Sevelsted, A; Johnston, SL; Bisgaard, H, et al
Oct-2021ReplyCross, AJ; Robbins, EC
1-Apr-2015Reply to "comment on 'new experimental data and reference models for the viscosity and density of squalane"Schmidt, KAG; Pagnutti, D; Trusler, JPM
2-Dec-2015Reply to "Comment on “Surface Plasmons and Nonlocality: A Simple Model”Luo, Y; Fernandez-Dominguez, AI; Wiener, A; Maier, SA; Pendry, JB, et al