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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Feb-2020Pricing inertia and Frequency Response with diverse dynamics in a Mixed-Integer Second-Order Cone Programming formulationBadesa, L; Teng, F; Strbac, G;
Mar-2015Pricing Inflation and Interest Rates Derivatives with Macroeconomic FoundationsBrigo, Damiano; Sarais, Gabriele
1-May-2017Pricing institutions and the welfare cost of adverse selectionWeyl, EG; Veiga, A
31-Dec-2013Pricing Model Performance and the Two-Pass Cross-Sectional Regression MethodologyKan, R; Robotti, C; Shanken, J
1-Jun-2015Pricing music using personal data: mutually advantageous first-degree price discriminationRayna, T; Darlington, J; Striukova, L
2007Pricing of options in interrupted markets using utility maximisation theoryLeventakis, Christos
2008Pricing synthetic CDO tranche on ABSLi, Yan
Oct-2011Pricing under Random Information Flow and the Theory of Information PricingBrody, Dorje; Pistorius, Martijn; Law, Yan Tai;
1-Sep-2019Pricing viral hepatitis as part of universal health coverageCooke, GS; Hallett, TB; , et al
9-Dec-2015Primary Care Atrial Fibrillation Service: outcomes from consultant-led anticoagulation assessment clinics in the primary care setting in the UKDas, M; Panter, L; Wynn, GJ; Taylor, RM; Connor, N, et al
1-Aug-2011Primary care for tinnitus: practice and opinion among GPs in EnglandEl-Shunnar, SK; Hoare, DJ; Smith, S; Gander, PE; Kang, S, et al
2020Primary care healthcare policy impelmentation in the eastern Mediterranean region; experience of six countries: part iiNashat, N; Et al; Quezada Yamamoto, H; Vn Wheel, C; Rawaf, S
27-Jun-2019Primary care implications of the British Thoracic Society Guidelines for bronchiectasis in adults 2019Gruffydd-Jones, K; Keeley, D; Knowles, V; Recabarren, X; Woodward, A, et al
1-Oct-2019Primary care integration of sexual and reproductive health services for chlamydia testing across WHO-Europe: a systematic reviewQuezada Yamamoto, H; Rawaf, S; Mastellos, N; Dubois, E
29-Oct-2020Primary care of children and young people with asthma during the Covid-19 eraCreese, H-M; Taylor-Robinson, D; Saglani, S; Saxena, S
6-Dec-2016Primary care REFerral for EchocaRdiogram (REFER) in heart failure: a diagnostic accuracy studyTaylor, CJ; Roalfe, AK; Iles, R; Hobbs, FR; REFER investigators, et al
31-Oct-2011Primary care strategies to improve childhood immunisation uptake in developed countries: systematic review.Williams, N; Woodward, H; Majeed, A; Saxena, S
28-Sep-2015Primary care: a fading jewel in the NHS crownMajeed, A
5-Jun-2018Primary Cilia mediate diverse kinase inhibitor resistance mechanisms in cancerJenks, AD; Vyse, S; Wong, JP; Kostaras, E; Keller, D, et al
24-Jan-2018Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia Due to Microtubular Defects is Associated with Worse Lung Clearance IndexIrving, S; Dixon, M; Fassad, MR; Frost, E; Hayward, J, et al