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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Jan-2019Prioritizing starting states for reinforcement learningTavakoli, A; Levdik, V; Islam, R; Kormushev, P
3-Aug-2021Prioritizing the role of major lipoproteins and subfractions as risk factors for peripheral artery diseaseLevin, MG; Zuber, V; Walker, VM; Klarin, D; Lynch, J, et al
8-Apr-2019Prioritizing the scale-up of interventions for malaria control and eliminationWinskill, P; Walker, PG; Cibulskis, RE; Ghani, AC; , et al
1969Priority loading rules in job shop schedulingPace, A. J.
1-May-2019Priority needs for conducting pandemic-relevant clinical research with children in Europe: a consensus study with pediatric clinician-researchersGal, M; Gobat, N; Francis, NA; Hood, K; Butler, CC, et al
1-Dec-2009Priority research areas for ecosystem services in a changing worldNicholson, E; Mace, GM; Armsworth, PR; Atkinson, G; Buckle, S, et al
May-2022Priority-driven self-optimizing power control scheme for interlinking converters of hybrid AC/DC microgrid clusters in decentralized mannerHou, X; Sun, K; Zhang, N; Teng, F; Zhang, X, et al
Dec-2018Priority-setting, the Indian way.Rao, NV; Downey, L; Jain, N; Baru, R; Cluzeau, F
1989Prism coupler surface sensingMason, William David
23-May-2016PRISM, a novel visual metaphor measuring personally salient appraisals, attitudes and decision-making: qualitative evidence synthesisSensky, T; Buchi, S
1-Feb-2020Pristine graphene membranes supported on ceramic hollow fibre prepared via a sacrificial layer assisted CVD approachYunsi, C; Chong, JY; Wang, B; Li, K;
Jun-2019Privacy against a hypothesis testing adversaryLi, Z; Oechtering, TJ; Gunduz, D;
Sep-2020Privacy and utility in secure computations: optimal trade-offs through quantitative information flowHuth, Michael; Ah-Fat, Patrick Wong Fen Kin;
Mar-2020Privacy and utility preserving sensor-data transformationsMalekzadeh, M; Clegg, RG; Cavallaro, A; Haddadi, H; , et al
1-Jul-2010Privacy Butler: A personal privacy rights manager for online presence.Wishart, R; Corapi, D; Madhavapeddy, A; Sloman, M
14-May-2016Privacy dynamics: learning privacy norms for social softwareCalikli, G; Law, M; Bandara, AK; Russo, A; Dickens, L, et al
Jan-2021Privacy, adoption, and truthful reporting: A simple theory of contact tracing applicationsDe Montjoye, Y-A; Ramadorai, T; Valletti, T; Walther, A;
16-Jun-2020Privacy-aware distributed hypothesis testingSreekumar, S; Cohen, A; Gündüz, D;
1-Nov-2018Privacy-aware smart metering progress and challengesGiaconi, G; Gunduz, D; Poor, HV;
31-Jul-2020Privacy-aware time-series data sharing with deep reinforcement learningErdemir, E; Dragotti, PL; Gunduz, D