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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1983The prediction of free turbulent flows.Musonge, Paul
1973Prediction of friction and heat transfer characteristics of flow in tubes containing twisted tapesDate, A. W.
1-Aug-2015Prediction of functionally important phospho-regulatory events in xenopus laevis oocytesJohnson, JR; Santos, SD; Johnson, T; Pieper, U; Strumillo, M, et al
1-Sep-2019Prediction of gait freezing in Parkinsonian patients: a binary classification augmented with time series predictionArami, A; Poulakakis-Daktylidis, A; Tai, YF; Burdet, E
20-Dec-2016Prediction of geomagnetic storm strength from inner heliospheric in situ observationsKubicka, M; Mostl, C; Amerstorfer, T; Boakes, PD; Feng, L, et al
1-Mar-2017Prediction of ground reaction forces and moments during sports-related movementsSkals, S; Jung, MK; Damsgaard, M; Andersen, MS
1991Prediction of ground-wave radio propagation over irregular inhomogeneous terrainFinnie, James Smith
14-Apr-2021Prediction of high thermoelectric performance in the low-dimensional metal halide Cs3Cu2I5Jung, Y-K; Han, IT; Kim, YC; Walsh, A
1-Jun-2011Prediction of high zT in thermoelectric silicon nanowires with axial germanium heterostructuresShelley, M; Mostofi, AA
1-Jun-2020Prediction of hydrocarbon reservoirs within coal-bearing formationsHe, F; Rao, Y; Wang, W; Wang, Y
1-Jan-2006Prediction of in situ strengths and matrix cracking in composites under transverse tension and in-plane shearCamanho, PP; Davila, CG; Pinho, ST; Iannucci, L; Robinson, P
4-May-2007Prediction of intent in robotics and multi-agent systems.Demiris, Y
1969Prediction of loadings causing unserviceability of reinforced concrete and composite highway bridgesLowe, Paul André
7-Oct-2017Prediction of long-term outcome subtypes in ARDS: first steps towards personalised medicine in critical careLatronico, N; Minelli, C; Eikermann, M
28-Sep-2019Prediction of longitudinal inflammatory phenotypes using baseline sputum transcriptomics in UBIOPREDKermani, NZ; Pavlidis, S; Riley, JH; Chung, FK; Adcock, IM, et al
1-Sep-2011Prediction of Mechanical Behaviour in Ni-Base Superalloys Using the Phase Field Model of DislocationsVorontsov, VA; Voskoboinikov, RE; Rae, CMF
14-Dec-2015Prediction of melanoma risk in a southern European population based on a weighted genetic risk scoreKypreou, KP; Stefanaki, I; Antonopoulou, K; Karagianni, F; Ntritsos, G, et al
15-Mar-2018Prediction of micropitting damage in gear teeth contacts considering the concurrent effects of surface fatigue and mild wearMorales-Espejel, GE; Rycerz, P; Kadiric, A;
5-Sep-2016Prediction of microstructure and ductile damage of a high-speed railway axle steel during cross wedge rollingHuo, Y; Lin, J; Bai, Q; Wang, B; Tang, X, et al
Aug-2019Prediction of mode of delivery using the first ultrasound-based “intrapartum app”Usman, S; Kahrs, BH; Wilhelm-Benartzi, C; Hassan, WA; Barton, H, et al