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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Jul-2020Multidirectional associative optimization of function-specific word representationsGerz, D; Vulic, I; Rei, M; Reichart, R; Korhonen, A
Jan-2020Multidirectional flow and LRG1 in endothelial cells: potential atheroprotective roleWeinberg, Peter; Pang, Kuin Tian
Oct-2016Multidirectional near-wall flow in arteries and its spatial correlation with atherosclerosisSherwin, Spencer; Weinberg, Peter; Vincent, Peter; Mohamied, Yumnah;
8-Jun-2016Multidisciplinary approaches to understanding collective cell migration in developmental biologySchumacher, LJ; Kulesa, PM; McLennan, R; Baker, RE; Maini, PK
31-Dec-2013Multidisciplinary Engineering Models: Methodology and Case Study in Spreadsheet AnalyticsBirch, D; Liang, H; Ko, J; Kelly, P; Field, A, et al
22-Feb-2013Multidisciplinary group performance – measuring integration intensity in the context of the North West London Integrated Care PilotHarris, M; Greaves, F; Gunn, L; Patterson, S; Vaschitz, G, et al
23-Oct-2013Multidisciplinary integration in the context of integrated care - results from the North West London Integrated Care PilotHarris, M; Greaves, F; Gunn, L; Patterson, S; Greenfield, G, et al
2008A Multidisciplinary Study of Biomarkers in Hydrothermal Deposits: Applications to the Search for Life on MarsGenge, Matthew; Preston , Louisa Jane
Dec-2020Multidisciplinary teams must work together to co-develop inclusive digital primary care for older peopleNeves, AL; Lawrence-Jones, A; Naar, L; Greenfield, G; Sanderson, F, et al
1-Mar-2018Multidomain lifestyle intervention benefits a large elderly population at risk for cognitive decline and dementia regardless of baseline characteristics: The FINGER trialRosenberg, A; Ngandu, T; Rusanen, M; Antikainen, R; Backman, L, et al
28-Aug-2012Multidrug Resistant Pulmonary Tuberculosis Treatment Regimens and Patient Outcomes: An Individual Patient Data Meta-analysis of 9,153 PatientsAhuja, SD; Ashkin, D; Avendano, M; Banerjee, R; Bauer, M, et al
23-Sep-2016Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis and migration to EuropeHargreaves, S; Lönnroth, K; Nellums, LB; Olaru, ID; Nathavitharana, RR, et al
1-Nov-2015Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in child successfully treated with 9-month drug regimenAchar, J; Berry, C; Herboczek, K; Parpieva, N; Tillyashaykhov, MN, et al
31-Oct-2016Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in children in northwest Russia: an observational cohort studySmirnova, PA; Turkova, A; Nikishova, EI; Seddon, JA; Chappell, E, et al
22-Feb-2018Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis treatment adherence in migrants: a systematic review and meta-analysisNellums, LB; Rustage, K; Hargreaves, S; Friedland, JS
1986Multielement geochemical reconnaissance for uranium in the Palmyrides region, central SyriaJubeli, Youssef Maarouf
25-Mar-2017Multifaceted link between metabolism and cancerSaavedra-García, P; Fan, LY; Lam, EW
5-Mar-2020Multifaceted oncogenic role of adipocytes in the tumour microenvironmentJiramongkol, Y; Lam, EW-F
28-Sep-2016Multifaceted role of hair follicle dermal cells in bioengineered skinsHiggins, CA; Roger, M; Hill, R; Ali-Khan, AS; Garlick, J, et al
5-Jun-2015Multifarious immunotherapeutic approaches to cure HIV-1 infectionImami, N; Herasimtschuk, AA; , et al