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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1971Neuromuscular activity and respiratory dynamics in the catDa Silva, Kelo M
1-Jul-2018Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) for the prevention of venous thromboembolism (VTE)Ravikumar, R; Williams, KJ; Babber, A; Moore, HM; Lane, T, et al
Jun-2018Neuromuscular electrical stimulation in the management of peripheral arterial disease and muscle recoveryDavies, Alun; Babber, Adarsh
15-Dec-2015Neuromuscular electrical stimulation to improve exercise capacity in patients with severe COPD: a randomised double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.Maddocks, M; Nolan, CM; Man, WD; Polkey, MI; Hart, N, et al
Sep-2016Neuromuscular stimulation of the legDavies, Alun; Williams, Katherine; , et al
3-Feb-2020Neuron labeling with rhodamine-conjugated Gd-based MRI contrast agents delivered to the brain via focused ultrasoundChoi, J; Morse, SV; Boltersdorf, T; Harriss, BI; Chan, TG, et al
10-Feb-2021Neuron-specific activation of necroptosis signaling in multiple sclerosis cortical grey matterPicon, C; Jayaraman, A; James, R; Beck, C; Gallego, P, et al
6-Oct-2015Neuronal activity regulates remyelination via glutamate signalling to oligodendrocyte progenitorsGautier, HOB; Evans, KA; Volbracht, K; James, R; Sitnikov, S, et al
16-Jan-2014Neuronal control of metabolism through nutrient-dependent modulation of tracheal branchingLinneweber, GA; Jacobson, J; Busch, KE; Hudry, B; Christov, CP, et al
Dec-2016Neuronal dynamics of the anterior cingulate cortex during working memory and serotonergic manipulationChadderton, Paul; Golden, Caroline;
9-Mar-2018Neuronal gain modulability is determined by dendritic morphology: a computational optogenetic studyJarvis, S; Nikolic, K; Schultz, SR; , et al
18-May-2021Neuronal genes deregulated in Cornelia de Lange Syndrome respond to removal and reexpression of cohesinWeiss, FD; Calderon, L; Wang, Y-F; Georgieva, R; Guo, Y, et al
1987Neuronal interactions in the fish retinaPrince, Deborah Josephine
1-Jun-2020Neuronal maturation: challenges and opportunities in a nascent fieldBradke, F; Di Giovanni, S; Fawcett, J
1-Jun-2005Neuronal migration and ventral subtype identity in the telencephalon depend on SOX1Ekonomou, A; Kazanis, I; Malas, S; Wood, H; Alifragis, P, et al
5-Sep-2019Neuronal vulnerability and multilineage diversity in multiple sclerosisSchirmer, L; Velmeshev, D; Holmqvist, S; Kaufmann, M; Werneburg, S, et al
1-Dec-2018Neuronatin deletion causes postnatal growth restriction and adult obesity in 129S2/Sv miceMillership, S; Tunster, SJ; Van de Pette, M; Choudhury, A; Irvine, E, et al
1-Aug-2018Neuronatin regulates pancreatic beta cell insulin content and secretionMillership, S; Da Silva Xavier, G; Choudhury, A; Bertazzo, S; Chabosseau, PL, et al
4-Jul-2018NeuroNet: fast and robust reproduction of multiple brain Image segmentation pipelinesRajchl, M; Pawlowski, N; Rueckert, D; Matthews, PM; Glocker, B, et al
8-Mar-2011Neuropathic pain and psychological morbidity in patients with treated leprosy: a cross-sectional prevalence study in mumbaiLasry-Levy, E; Hietaharju, A; Pai, V; Ganapati, R; Rice, AS, et al