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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Nov-2017Modelling tree ring cellulose delta δ¹⁸O variations in two temperature-sensitive tree species from North and South AmericaLavergne, A; Gennaretti, F; Risi, C; Daux, V; Boucher, E, et al
May-2018Modelling two-phase flow at the micro-scale using a volume-of-fluid methodBlunt, Martin J; Bijeljic, Branko; Shams, Mosayeb;
13-Jul-2020Modelling uncertainty using stochastic transport noise in a 2-layer quasi-geostrophic modelCotter, C; Crisan, D; Holm, DD; Pan, W; Shevchenko, I, et al
13-Jan-2022Modelling upper respiratory viral load dynamics of SARS-CoV-2Challenger, J; Foo, C; Wu, Y; Yan, A; Marjaneh, MM, et al
1-May-2005Modelling valve stictionChoudhury, MAAS; Thornhill, NF; Shah, SL
Aug-2012Modelling Vaporizing Fluid Flow through Porous Media with Applications to Liquefied Natural GasVesovic, Velisa; Okafor, Emeka Joachin;
13-Dec-2019Modelling vector transmission and epidemiology of co-infecting plant virusesAllen, LJS; Bokil, VA; Cunniffe, NJ; Hamelin, FM; Hilker, FM, et al
23-May-2016Modelling Virus and Antibody Dynamics during Dengue Virus Infection Suggests a Role for Antibody in Virus Clearance.Clapham, HE; Quyen, TH; Kien, DT; Dorigatti, I; Simmons, CP, et al
20-Jan-2022Modelling wheezing spells identifies phenotypes with different outcomes and genetic associatesHaider, S; Granell, R; Curtin, J; Fontanella, S; Cucco, A, et al
Jul-2013Modelling Whole-brain Structural Connectivity in Preterm InfantsEdwards, David; Counsell, Serena; Montana, Giovanni; Azzopardi, Denis; Pandit, Anand, et al
5-Mar-2019Modelling wing wake and tail aerodynamics of a flapping-wing micro aerial vehicleArmanini, SF; Caetano, JV; De Visser, CC; Pavel, MD; De Croon, GCHE, et al
Jan-1999Modelling, analysis and design of higher-order single-stage sigma-delta modulators.Pneumatikakis, Aristodimos
Jul-2015Modelling, analysis and simulation of incompressible multi-fluid flowsPapageorgiou, Demetrios; Ruban, Anatoly; Cimpeanu, Radu
Jan-1977Modelling, Identification & Multivariable Control of an Absorption-Desorption System.Albrecht, Johannes-Josef
Sep-2013Modelling, Optimisation and Explicit Model Predictive Control of Anaesthesia Drug Delivery SystemsPistikopoulos, Stratos; Krieger, Alexandra;
Oct-2014Modelling, optimisation and model predictive control of insulin delivery systems in Type 1 Diabetes MellitusPistikopoulos, Stratos; Zavitsanou, Stamatina;
Feb-2012Modelling, optimization and control of energy systemsPistikopoulos, Stratos; Brandon, Nigel; Panos, Christos;
Dec-2021Modelling, prediction and design of COVID-19 lockdowns by stringency and durationMellone, A; Gong, Z; Scarciotti, G
Jan-1997Modelling, safety verification and design of discrete/continuous processing systems.Dimitriadis, Veniamin
2010Modelocking the bounce geometry laserFarrell , Dominic