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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Apr-2016Lensing-induced morphology changes in CMB temperature maps in modified gravity theoriesMunshi, D; Hu, B; Matsubara, T; Coles, P; Heavens, A, et al
Dec-2021Lentiviral and AAV-mediated expression of palivizumab offer protection against Respiratory Syncytial Virus infectionAntepowicz, A; Habib, O; Kirsebom, F; Johansson, C; Gill, DR, et al
1-Sep-2020Lentiviral gene therapy rescues p47phox chronic granulomatous disease and the ability to fight Salmonella infection in miceSchejtman, A; Aragão-Filho, WC; Clare, S; Zinicola, M; Weisser, M, et al
26-Jan-2021Lentiviral transduction facilitates RNA interference in the nematode parasite Nippostrongylus brasiliensisHagen, J; Sarkies, P; Selkirk, ME
9-Sep-2014LeoA, B and C from enterotoxigenic escherichia coli (ETEC) are bacterial dynaminsMichie, KA; Boysen, A; Low, HH; Moller-Jensen, J; Loewe, J
26-Apr-2020leonardo-calcagno / covid19model_latam: Pandemic and state action. An estimate of infections, preventable deaths and lives saved in Latin AmericaMishra, S; Cave-Ayland, C; Flaxman, S; Valka, F
11-Dec-2021Leonid Shilnikov and mathematical theory of dynamical chaosKazakov, A; Gonchenko, S; Turaev, D; Shilnikov, AL
1-Dec-2014Leprosy and tuberculosis concomitant infection: a poorly understood, age-old relationshipRawson, T; Anjum, V; Hodgson, J; Rao, AK; Murthy, K, et al
Apr-2020Leptin and fractalkine: novel subcutaneous cytokines in burn injuryFriston, D; Junttila, S; Borges Paes Lemes, J; Laycock, H; Torres-Perez, J, et al
1-May-2014Leptin fails to blunt the lipopolysaccharide-induced activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary- adrenal axis in ratsBasharat, S; Parker, JA; Murphy, KG; Bloom, SR; Buckingham, JC, et al
25-Oct-2014Leptin induces upregulation of sphingosine kinase 1 in oestrogen receptor-negative breast cancer via Src family kinase-mediated, janus kinase 2-independent pathwayAlshaker, H; Krell, J; Frampton, AE; Waxman, J; Blyuss, O, et al
1-Oct-1999Leptin protects mice from starvation-induced lymphoid atrophy and increases thymic cellularity in ob/ob mice.Howard, JK; Lord, GM; Matarese, G; Vendetti, S; Ghatei, MA, et al
19-Sep-2016Leptin, acylcarnitine metabolites and development of adiposity in the Rhea mother-child cohort in Crete, Greece.Perng, W; Oken, E; Roumeliotaki, T; Sood, D; Siskos, AP, et al
23-May-2019Leptospirosis as a risk factor for chronic kidney diseases: A systematic review of observational studiesCarrillo Larco, R; Altez-Fernandez, C; Acevedo-Rodriguez, JG; Ortiz-Acha, K; Ugarte-Gil, C, et al
26-Apr-2020Leptospirosis as an important differential of pulmonary haemorrhage on the intensive care unit: a case managed with VV-ECMOBarnacle, J; Gurney, S; Ledot, S; Singh, S
1953Leptospirosis in MalayaHobson, A. C. S.
1-Apr-2019LES and RANS Modelling of Under-Expanded Jets with Application to Gaseous Fuel Direct Injection for Advanced Propulsion SystemsHamzehloo, A; Aleiferis, P;
7-Jun-2017Les indicateurs à diffusion publique au Royaume-UniBirgand, GJC
16-Jul-2014LES of a methanol spray flame with a stochastic sub-grid modelJones, WP; Marquis, AJ; Noh, D
8-Mar-2016LES of the Cambridge Stratified Swirl Burner using a Sub-grid pdf ApproachBrauner, T; Jones, WP; Marquis, AJ