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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Oct-2017Land use regression models for the oxidative potential of fine particles (PM2.5) in five European areas.Gulliver, J; Morley, D; Dunster, C; McCrea, A; Van Nunen, E, et al
28-Feb-2017Land Use Regression Models for Ultrafine Particles in Six European AreasVan Nunen, E; Vermeulen, R; Tsai, M-Y; Probst-Hensch, N; Ineichen, A, et al
24-Aug-2020Land, energy and water resource management and its impact on GHG emissions, electricity supply and food production- Insights from a Ugandan case studySridharan, V; Shivakumar, A; Niet, T; Ramos, EP; Howells, M
1-Feb-2015Land-ice elevation changes from photon-counting swath altimetry: first applications over the Antarctic ice sheetYoung, DA; Lindzey, LE; Blankenship, DD; Greenbaum, JS; Garcia De Gorordo, A, et al
22-Feb-2019Land-sparing agriculture sustains higher levels of avian functional diversity than land sharingCannon, PG; Gilroy, JJ; Tobias, JA; Anderson, A; Haugaasen, T, et al
12-Oct-2021Land-surface evapotranspiration from a first-principles primary production modelTan, S; Wang, H; Prentice, IC; Yang, K;
Jan-2019Land-use change alters the mechanisms assembling rainforest mammal communities in BorneoWearn, OR; Carbone, C; Rowcliffe, JM; Pfeifer, M; Bernard, H, et al
1-Jun-2018Land-use change is associated with a significant loss of freshwater fish species and functional richness in Sabah, MalaysiaWilkinson, CL; Yeo, DCJ; Hui, TH; Fikri, AH; Ewers, RM, et al
27-Feb-2018Land-use change may exacerbate climate change impacts on water resources in the Ganges basinTsarouchi, G; Buytaert, W;
24-Apr-2016Land-use change to bioenergy: grassland to short rotation coppice willow has an improved carbon balanceHarris, ZM; Alberti, G; Viger, M; Jenkins, JR; Rowe, R, et al
26-May-2014Land-use drivers of forest fragmentation vary with spatial scaleCattarino, L; McAlpine, CA; Rhodes, JR
27-May-2017Land-use effects on local biodiversity in tropical forests vary between continentsPhillips; Newbold, T; Purvis, A;
Dec-2020Land-use legacies of twentieth-century forestry in the UK – a perspectiveRaum, S;
-Landau-Zener transitions through a pair of higher order exceptional pointsGraefe, E-M; Malzard, S; Melanathuru, VR;
30-Apr-2018Landauer's formula breakdown for radiative heat transfer and nonequilibrium Casimir forcesLopez, AER; Poggi, PM; Lombardo, FC; Giannini, V
Jul-2013Landmark Localization, Feature Matching and Biomarker Discovery from Magnetic Resonance ImagesRueckert, Daniel; Guerrero Moreno, Ricardo;
1983A landsat remote sensing study of vegetation growing on mineralized terrainSantos, U. P. dos
2-Apr-2015Landscape analysis for multi-hazard prevention in Orco and Soana valleys, North-Western ItalyTurconi, L; Tropeano, D; Savio, G; Kumar De, S; Mason, PJ
Sep-2012Landscape evolution at a young rifted margin : the Loreto region of Baja California Sur, MexicoGupta, Sanjeev; Mark, Chris;
27-May-2020Landscape of multi-nucleotide variants in 125,748 human exomes and 15,708 genomes.Wang, Q; Pierce-Hoffman, E; Cummings, BB; Alföldi, J; Francioli, LC, et al