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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2016Investigation into the silencing of heterochromatin in mammalian cellsFestenstein, Richard; Natisvili, Theona
Jun-2012An investigation into the simultaneous impact of climate change and land use modification on a tri-trophic species interactionEwers, Robert; Lakeman-Fraser, Poppy;
1978An investigation into the spectral characteristics of metacontrast phenomena and of adaption effects in human visionNunn, Brian John
1967An investigation into the spectral sensitivity functions and summation properties in anomalous trichromatismNovick, Stephen Brian
Jan-2018An investigation into the static mechanical performance of composite-metal joints strengthened by surfi-sculptBlackman, Bamber; Dear, John; Xiong, Wei;
2005An investigation into the use of AffectiveWare in interactive computer applicationsGoulev, Petar
1962An investigation into thin window photoelectronic image intensifiersWheeler, Brian Edward
Mar-2017An investigation into trauma related amputations from recent military operations regarding the formation of heterotopic ossificationBull, Anthony; Clasper, Jon; Edwards, Dafydd Sion;
1977An investigation into underwater data transmission using amplitude-shift-keying techniquesAndrews, Robert Samuel
31-Dec-1999Investigation of a Low Cost Solder Bumping Technique for Flip-chip InterconnectionHutt,D.A.; Rhodes,D.G.; Conway,P.P.; Mannan,S.H.; Whalley,D.C., et al
15-Nov-2017Investigation of a new hot stamping process with improved formability and productivityGanapathy, M; Li, N; Lin, J; Bhattacharjee, D
Jun-2017Investigation of a novel S-layer glycosylation cluster within clostridium difficileFairweather, Neil; Richards, Emma Jane Lynda;
1989Investigation of a novel technique for LPEQuick, Kevin Andrew
1963Investigation of a propane electrode for a fuel cellJose, Vedasto Ruiz
1964Investigation of a square-based pyramidal-sheet roofWong, Gerard Christopher Kong Ming
2-Sep-2013Investigation of a thermal storage system based on phase change material: heat transfer and performance characterisationGupta, A; Markides, CN; Mathie, R;
1983An investigation of a yield criterion for porous rockElliott, G. M.
1992Investigation of Adrenoceptor Regulation and its Implication in the Action of Antidepressant TreatmentsPAYVANDI, Nassrin
Jul-2020Investigation of Alexithymia and related psychological factors in relation to body mass index and obesityBlakemore, Alexandra; Jarvelin, Marjo-Riitta; Ramzi, Nurul Hanis;
20-Jan-2016Investigation of ammonium- and phosphonium-based deep eutectic solvents as electrolytes for a non-aqueous all-vanadium redox cellBahadori, L; Hashim, MA; Manan, NSA; Mjalli, FS; AlNashef, IM, et al