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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Jul-2019Intra- and interprofessional practices through fresh eyes: a qualitative analysis of medical students’ early workplace experiencesLeedham-Green, K; Iedema, R; Knight, A
Nov-2020Intra- and supra-salt strain during gravity-driven salt tectonics on passive marginsJackson, Christopher; Evans, Sian
1-Jan-2021Intra-alveolar neutrophil-derived microvesicles are associated with disease severity in COPDSoni, S; Garner, J; O'Dea, K; Kohn, M; Finney, L, et al
28-Oct-2020Intra-alveolar neutrophil-derived microvesicles predict development of primary graft dysfunction after lung transplantationSoni, S; Romano, R; O'Dea, K; Patel, B; Tatham, K, et al
Jul-2020Intra-atrial block requiring dual-site atrial pacing through a femoral approach in a univentricular heart.Marinelli, A; Behar, JM; Colunga, PM; Griffiths, S; Gatzoulis, MA, et al
1-Mar-2015Intra-cardiac echocardiography in alcohol septal ablation: a prospective comparative study against trans-thoracic echocardiographyCooper, RM; Shahzad, A; Newton, J; Vejlstrup, N; Axelsson, A, et al
1-Mar-2015Intra-cavitary uterine pathology in women with abnormal uterine bleeding: a prospective study of 1220 women.Van den Bosch, T; Ameye, L; Van Schoubroeck, D; Bourne, T; Timmerman, D
1972Intra-diffusion of solutes in silicone rubbersSmith, Richard Spencer
13-Oct-2016Intra-epithelial neutrophils in paediatric severe asthma are associated with better lung functionAndersson, CK; Adams, A; Nagakumar, P; Bossley, C; Gupta, A, et al
24-Aug-2020Intra-exon motif correlations as a proxy measure for mean per-tile sequence quality data in RNA-SeqAlnasir, J; Shanahan, H
Jun-2017Intra-operative decision making training and evaluation using simulationKneebone, Roger; Sevdalis, Nick; Yeh, Chi-Chuan; , et al
4-May-2017Intra-Operative Fiducial-Based CT/Fluoroscope Image Registration Framework for Image-Guided Robot-Assisted Joint Fracture SurgeryDagnino, G; Georgilas, I; Morad, S; Gibbons, P; Tarassoli, P, et al
25-Jun-2016Intra-operative simultaneous catheter and environment modelling for endovascular navigation based on intravascular ultrasound, electromagnetic tracking and pre-operative dataZhao, L; Giannarou, S; Lee, S; Merrifield, R; Yang, GZ, et al
Dec-2014Intra-partum fetal compromise: prediction and risk stratification prior to labourKumar, Sailesh; Bennett, Phillip; Prior, Tomas;
30-Apr-2016Intra-patient variability of tacrolimus levels and cardiac allograft outcomesLyster, H; Barrientos, AS; Khokar, A; Smith, J; Leaver, N, et al
1974Intra-spectral noise properties of pulsed high-power microwave amplifiersCrowfoot, Timothy Penderell
1-Jan-2003Intra-ventricular blood flow simulation with patient specific geometryLong, Q; Merrifield, R; Xu, XY; Kilner, PJ; Firmin, DN, et al
30-Nov-2017Intracardiac anatomical relationships and potential for streaming in double inlet left ventricles.Meyer, SL; Jongbloed, MR; Ho, SY; Bartelings, MM; McCarthy, KP, et al
6-Apr-2017Intracellular delivery of biologic therapeutics by bacterial secretion systemsWalker, BJ; Stan, GB; Polizzi, KM;
1969Intracellular development and secretion of mucus in the normal and morbid bronchial treeLamb, David