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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1962An investigation into a fast response total-radiation detector for high temperature physicsCooper, John
1963An investigation into a hypothetical deformation and failure mechanism of concreteAnson, Michael
2012An investigation into age-associated undernutritionFrost, Gary; Dhillo, Waljit; Hickson, Mary; Moss, Charlotte
Aug-2013Investigation into AMPK phosphatases and identification and characterisation of the interaction between AMPK and PAK1David, Carling; Zhang, Shuai;
1964An investigation into an image intensifier comprising electron image delay and selectionBeesley, John
1975An investigation into an operator basis for mathematical semanticsSnidvongs, Kamontip
1-Oct-2003Investigation into backprop forces and deflections at St George WharfVollum, RL
1-Nov-2020Investigation into consistency of subjective and objective perceptual selection of non-individual head-related transfer functionsKim, C; Lim, V; Picinali, L;
Nov-2017An investigation into crosstalk between cohesion and the Smc5/6 complex during the cell cycleAragon, Luis; Mykura, Charlotte;
2011An investigation into environmental modifiers of grassland response to ozonePower, sally; Khalid, Sofia;
1969An investigation into factors affecting the lactobacillus casei assay of folate in serumCowan, J
Dec-2011An Investigation into Factors affecting Ultrasound and Microbubble mediated Gene TransfectionEckersley, Robert; Wells, Dominic; Browning, Richard Johannes;
Sep-2015An investigation into gas emission and outburst control in thick seam coal miningDurucan, Sevket; Si, Guangyao
Jun-2017An investigation into H2 production by sorbent enhanced steam reforming of biomassFennell, Paul; Clough, Peter Thomas;
Jan-2007An investigation into hybrid power trains for vehicles with regenerative brakingDiego-Ayala, Ulises
Dec-2015An investigation into lower limb injuries caused by improvised explosive devicesBull, Anthony; Masouros, Spyros; Bonner, Timothy;
Oct-2019An investigation into novel technologies for better surgeon integration in robotic assisted orthopaedic surgeryRodriguez y Baena, Ferdinando; Liu, He;
Sep-2014An investigation into perioperative outcome following gastrointestinal resection in EnglandFaiz, Omar; Hanna, George; Aylin, Paul; Mamidanna, Ravikrishna
1966An investigation into phosphor-photocathode cascade screens for use in image intensifersAslam, Muhammad
1960An investigation into problems of photoelectronic image intensificationZacharof, Basil Oleg