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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2013The interaction of oceanic jets with the midlatitude storm tracksCzaja, Arnaud; O'Reilly, Christopher Horkesley;
Apr-2019Interaction of particles, droplets and turbulent gas flow and consequences for spray dryingHardalupas, Yannis; Andrade, Paul
1-Jan-2015Interaction of Pattern Recognition Receptors with Mycobacterium Tuberculosis.Mortaz, E; Adcock, IM; Tabarsi, P; Masjedi, MR; Mansouri, D, et al
1996The interaction of picosecond and subpicosecond laser pulses with gases and plasmasMacKinnon, Andrew James
1989Interaction of pollutant nitrogen dioxide with atmospheric aerosol dropletsFaraklas, Kirikos Panteli
1969Interaction of polymer radicals with complex ionsDass, Narendra Nath
1-Dec-2010Interaction of poxvirus intracellular mature virion proteins with the TPR domain of kinesin light chain in live infected cells revealed by two-photon-induced fluorescence resonance energy transfer fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy.Jeshtadi, A; Burgos, P; Stubbs, CD; Parker, AW; King, LA, et al
1985The interaction of procion dyes with aminoacyl-tRNA synthetasesMcArdell, J. E. C.
23-Apr-2019Interaction of proteins with polyelectrolytes: comparison of theory to experimentXu, X; Angioletti-Uberti, S; Lu, Y; Dzubiella, J; Ballauff, M
1989Interaction of radiation with simple quantum systems : multiwave-mixing and squeezingDe Oliveira, Fernando Antonio Medeiros
Jan-2002The interaction of ryanoids with the cardiac ryanodine receptorTanna, Bhavna
1-Jul-2020Interaction of sexual dimorphism and gene dosage imbalance in skeletal deficits associated with Down syndromeThomas, JR; LaCombe, J; Long, R; Lana-Elola, E; Watson-Scales, S, et al
1988Interaction of sound with cylindrical elastic shellsLawrie, Jane Barbara
1970The interaction of spherical colloidal particles with a planar surfaceHull, Michael
7-Dec-2018Interaction of SrO-terminated SrTiO3 surface with oxygen, carbon dioxide, and waterStaykov, A; Fukumori, S; Yoshizawa, K; Sato, K; Ishihara, T, et al
Jan-2015Interaction of the left ventricle and left ventricular assist device during mechanical circulatory support for advanced heart failureBanner, Nicholas; Bowles, Christopher; Terracciano, Cesare; Noor, Mumin
1979The interaction of turbulence with a cascade of aerofoilsKullar, I.
1-May-2021Interaction of two non-coalescing bubbles rising in a non-isothermal self-rewetting fluidBalla, M; Tripathi, MK; Matar, OK; Sahu, KC; , et al
11-Jun-2015Interaction of vaccination and reduction of antibiotic use drives unexpected increase of pneumococcal meningitisDe Celles, MD; Pons-Salort, M; Varon, E; Vibet, M-A; Ligier, C, et al
1-Feb-2021Interaction of void spacing and material size effect on inter-void flow localisationHolte, I; Srivastava, A; Martínez-Pañeda, E; Niordson, CF; Nielsen, KL