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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Jun-2012Intrinsic Noise Analyzer: A Software Package for the Exploration of Stochastic Biochemical Kinetics Using the System Size ExpansionThomas, P; Matuschek, H; Grima, R
18-Jul-2012Intrinsic profiles and the structure of liquid surfacesTarazona, P; Chacon, E; Bresme, F
2-Nov-2018Intrinsic properties of human germinal center B cells set antigen affinity thresholdsKwak, K; Quizon, N; Sohn, H; Saniee, A; Manzella-Lapeira, J, et al
29-Mar-2015Intrinsic pseudo-differential calculi on any compact Lie groupFischer, V
28-Feb-2018Intrinsic stochastic differential equations as jetsArmstrong, J; Brigo, D
1-Aug-2008Intrinsic structure of hydrophobic surfaces: The oil-water interfaceBresme, F; Chacon, E; Tarazona, P; Tay, K
1-Mar-2015Introducing a core curriculum for respiratory sleep practitioners.Mitchell, S; Simonds, A; Andreas, S; Bonsignore, MR; Cooper, B, et al
8-Dec-2017Introducing a model of pairing based on Base pair specific interactions between identical DNA sequencesLee, DJ
22-Aug-2019Introducing a nonvolatile N-type dopant drastically improves electron transport in polymer and small-molecule organic transistorsPanidi, J; Kainth, J; Paterson, AF; Wang, S; Tsetseris, L, et al
1-Jan-2019Introducing a spectrum of moral evaluation: integrating organizational stigmatization and moral legitimacyHampel, C; Tracey, P
26-Jun-2018Introducing an Emotion-Driven Assistance System for Cognitively Impaired IndividualsHantke, S; Cohrs, C; Schmitt, M; Tannert, B; Luetkebohmert, F, et al
31-Mar-2015Introducing CURRENNT: the Munich Open-Source CUDA RecurREnt Neural Network ToolkitWeninger, F; Bergmann, J; Schuller, B
14-Nov-2008Introducing doubt in Bayesian model comparisonStarkman, GD; Trotta, R; Vaudrevange, PM
21-Jun-2015Introducing improved structural properties and salt dependence into a coarse-grained model of DNASnodin, BEK; Randisi, F; Mosayebi, M; Sulc, P; Schreck, JS, et al
23-Feb-2018Introducing In PracticeKneebone, RL
16-Mar-2012Introducing k-point parallelism into VASPManiopoulou, A; Davidson, ERM; Grau-Crespo, R; Walsh, A; Bush, IJ, et al
17-Dec-2015Introducing novel light management to design a hybrid high concentration photovoltaic/water splitting systemVideira, JJH; Barnham, KWJ; Hankin, A; Connolly, JP; Leak, M, et al
1-Jan-2015Introducing SLAMBench, a performance and accuracy benchmarking methodology for SLAMNardi, L; Bodin, B; Zia, MZ; Mawer, J; Nisbet, A, et al
Jul-2021Introducing students to research codes: A short course on solving partial differential equations in PythonInguva, P; Bhute, VJ; Cheng, TNH; Walker, PJ
1-Aug-2014Introducing sustainable development with a mathematical modelKeirstead, J