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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Sep-2021Intravital imaging of islet Ca2+ dynamics reveals enhanced beta cell connectivity after bariatric surgery in mice (vol 12, 5165, 2021)Akalestou, E; Suba, K; Lopez-Noriega, L; Georgiadou, E; Chabosseau, P, et al
11-Oct-2018Intravitreal aflibercept compared with panretinal photocoagulation for proliferative diabetic retinopathy: the CLARITY non-inferiority RCTSivaprasad, S; Hykin, P; Prevost, AT; Vasconcelos, J; Riddell, A, et al
1-Mar-2017Intravitreal anti-VEGF injections reduce aqueous outflow facility in patients with neovascular age-related macular degenerationWen, JC; Reina-Torres, E; Sherwood, JM; Challa, P; Liu, KC, et al
5-Apr-2018Intrinsic and extrinsic motivators of attachment under active inferenceCittern, D; Nolte, T; Friston, K; Edalat, A
24-Jan-2019Intrinsic and extrinsic noise of gene expression in lineage treesThomas, P;
1979Intrinsic and self-diffusion of hydrocarbons in chabazitesLindsley, Geoffrey Ian
22-Jul-2016Intrinsic anisotropy of strain rate sensitivity in single crystal alpha titaniumZhang, Z; Jun, T-S; Britton, TB; Dunne, FPE; , et al
1-Dec-2000Intrinsic correlation of galaxy shapes: implications for weak lensing measurementsHeavens, A; Refregier, A; Heymans, C
Jan-2021Intrinsic defect migration in Be12TiJackson, M; Burr, P; Grimes, R
18-Jan-2017Intrinsic Defects and H Doping in WO3.Zhu, J; Vasilopoulou, M; Davazoglou, D; Kennou, S; Chroneos, A, et al
1-Dec-2011An Intrinsic Description of the Nonlinear Aeroelasticity of Very Flexible WingsPalacios, R; Epureanu, BI
12-Feb-2019Intrinsic flexibility of the EMT zeolite framework under pressureNearchou, A; Cornelius, M-LU; Skelton, JM; Jones, ZL; Cairns, AB, et al
31-Mar-2002Intrinsic Galaxy Alignments and Weak Gravitational LensingHeavens, AF
1-Jun-2018Intrinsic links among sex, emotion, and reproductionYang, L; Comninos, AN; Dhillo, WS
1-Dec-2012Intrinsic models for nonlinear flexible-aircraft dynamics using industrial finite-element and loads packagesPalacios, R; Wang, Y; Karpel, M
8-Jan-2015Intrinsic multi-scale analysis: a multi-variate empirical mode decomposition framework.Looney, D; Hemakom, A; Mandic, DP
12-Jun-2012Intrinsic Noise Analyzer: A Software Package for the Exploration of Stochastic Biochemical Kinetics Using the System Size ExpansionThomas, P; Matuschek, H; Grima, R
18-Jul-2012Intrinsic profiles and the structure of liquid surfacesTarazona, P; Chacon, E; Bresme, F
2-Nov-2018Intrinsic properties of human germinal center B cells set antigen affinity thresholdsKwak, K; Quizon, N; Sohn, H; Saniee, A; Manzella-Lapeira, J, et al
29-Mar-2015Intrinsic pseudo-differential calculi on any compact Lie groupFischer, V