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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Histopathological review of renal pelvic tumours of Balkan nephropathy cases from Southern SerbiaMantle, P; Herman, D; Pavlovic, N; Stanojevic, G
31-Dec-2013Historians are from Venus, Ecologists are from MarsPOOLEY, SIMON
8-Feb-2016Historic air pollution exposure and long-term mortality risks in England and Wales: prospective longitudinal cohort studyHansell, A; Ghosh, RE; Blangiardo, M; Perkins, C; Vienneau, D, et al
1-Dec-2018Historic K-rich silicate glass surface alteration: behaviour of high-silica content matricesRodrigues,, A; Fearn, S; Vilarigues, M
Mar-2020Historical changes in the stomatal limitation of photosynthesis: empirical support for an optimality principleLavergne, A; Voelker, S; Csank, A; Graven, H; De Boer, HJ, et al
4-Jun-2021Historical genomics reveals the evolutionary mechanisms behind multiple outbreaks of the host-specific coffee wilt pathogen Fusarium xylarioidesBarraclough, T; Peck, L; Nowell, R;
15-Aug-2015Historical impact of technological change on the US mass media advertising expenditureEsteban-Bravo, M; Vidal-Sanz, JM; Yildirim, G
Nov-2020Historical review: a history of the British Journal of Haematology.Bain, BJ
Jan-1994The history and development of aircraft instruments, 1909-1919Bradley, John Kirkham
1-Dec-2019History matching and pressure analysis with stress-dependent permeability using the In Salah CO2 storage case studyShi, JQ; Durucan, S; Korre, A; Ringrose, P; Mathieson, A, et al
31-May-2015History Matching Through a Smooth Formulation of Multiple-Point StatisticsMelnikova, Y; Zunino, A; Lange, K; Cordua, KS; Mosegaard, K
2014History Matching Using 4D SeismicKelleher, Liam
Jul-2017History matching using hybrid prameterisation and optimisation methodsKing, Peter; Gosselin, Olivier; Al-Shamma, Basil R.
2011History Matching Using Principal Component AnalysisSharma, Akshay
Jan-2006History matching using streamline-defined regionsBarthelemy, Maud
4-Jan-2021History of lower-limb complications and risk of cancer death in people with type 2 diabetesMohammedi, K; Harrap, S; Mancia, G; Marre, M; Poulter, N, et al
1979A history of physiological optics from 1650 to 1800Osborne, P. M.
1968A history of the chemistry and industrial production of polyvinyl chlorideKaufman, Morris
11-May-2019History of tuberculosis is associated with lower exhaled nitric oxide levels in HIV-infected childrenSovershaeva, E; Kranzer, K; Mchugh, G; Bandason, T; Majonga, ED, et al
15-Oct-2018History, material memory and the temporality of identity constructionRavasi, D; Rindova, V; Stigliani, I