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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2010Geographic distribution of staphylococcus aureus causing invasive infections in Europe: a molecular-epidemiological analysisGrundmann, H; Aanensen, DM; Van den Wijngaard, CC; Spratt, BG; Harmsen, D, et al
1-Apr-2020Geographic distribution, socioeconomic disparity, and policy determinant of smoke-free policy adoption in IndonesiaWahidin, M; Hidayat, MS; Arasy, RA; Amir, V; Kusuma, D
22-Sep-2017Geographic variation and risk factors for systemic and limb ischemic events in patients with symptomatic peripheral artery disease: Insights from the REACH Registry.Abtan, J; Bhatt, DL; Elbez, Y; Sorbets, E; Eagle, K, et al
11-May-2015Geographic variation and socio-demographic determinants of the co-occurrence of risky health behaviours in 27 European Union member states.Filippidis, FT; Agaku, IT; Vardavas, CI
2-Nov-2018Geographic variation in dengue seroprevalence and force of infection in the urban paediatric population of IndonesiaTam, CC; O'Driscoll, M; Taurel, A-F; Nealon, J; Hadinegoro, SR
18-Mar-2015Geographical and socioeconomic inequalities in women and children's nutritional status in Pakistan in 2011: an analysis of data from a nationally representative survey.Di Cesare, M; Bhatti, Z; Soofi, SB; Fortunato, L; Ezzati, M, et al
20-Feb-2017Geographical distributions of African malaria vector sibling species and evidence for insecticide resistanceWiebe, A; Longbottom, J; Gleave, K; Shearer, FM; Sinka, ME, et al
1-Oct-2021Geographical drivers and climate-linked dynamics of Lassa fever in NigeriaRedding, DW; Gibb, R; Dan-Nwafor, CC; Ilori, EA; Usman, YR, et al
21-Jun-2016Geographical Inequalities and Social and Environmental Risk Factors for Under-Five Mortality in Ghana in 2000 and 2010: Bayesian Spatial Analysis of Census DataArku, RE; Bennett, JE; Castro, MC; Agyeman-Duah, K; Mintah, SE, et al
21-Aug-2016Geographical patterns of mesothelioma incidence and asbestos exposure in Lombardy, Italy.Mensi, C; De Matteis, S; Catelan, D; Dallari, B; Riboldi, L, et al
21-Sep-2016Geographical variation in the progression of type 2 diabetes in Peru: The CRONICAS Cohort StudyBernabe-Ortiz, A; Carrillo-Larco, RM; Gilman, RH; Miele, CH; Checkley, W, et al
2011The geography of species diversificationOwens, Ian; Orme, David; Pigot, Alexander Lester;
1-Mar-1999Geohazard monitoring in southeast spain using integrated imagery and digital elevation model.Moore, J. McM.,; Mason, P.J.,; Davis, A.M.,; Eyers, R,; Liu, J.G.,
13-Dec-2018Geolocation of hospitalizations registered on the Brazilian National Health System’s Hospital Information System: a solution based on the R Statistical SoftwareRocha, T; Da Silva, N; Amaral, P; Barbosa, A; Vissoci, J, et al
16-Jul-2018Geolocation with respect to personal privacy for the Allergy Diary app - a MASK studySamreth, D; Arnavielhe, S; Ingenrieth, F; Bedbrook, A; Onorato, GL, et al
Jan-2002Geologic and environmental modelling of impact ejecta processesCroskell, Michael Sinclair
28-Jan-2017Geologic overview of the Mars Science Laboratory rover mission at the Kimberley, Gale crater, MarsRice, MS; Gupta, S; Treiman, AH; Stack, KM; Calef, F, et al
20-Jul-2018Geological analysis of Martian rover-derived digital outcrop models using the 3D visualisation tool, Planetary Robotics 3D Viewer – PRo3DBarnes, R; Gupta, S; Traxler, C; Ortner, T; Bauer, A, et al
1978Geological and engineering characteristics of some Kent brickearthsMellors, T. W
1968The geological and microbiological formation of iron sulphidesRickard, David Terence