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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2019Experimental and numerical investigation on pre-stressed lattice structuresKöllner, A; Todt, M; Ganzosch, G; Völlmecke, C
2012Experimental and Numerical Investigations into CO2 Interactions with Injection Well Infrastructure for CO2 StorageHennion, Dmitri
1-Nov-2014Experimental and numerical investigations into the effect of heterogeneities on the recovery of heavy oil by VAPour EXtraction (VAPEX)Al-Hadhrami, MM; Alkindi, AS; Muggeridge, AH
1-Mar-2022Experimental and numerical investigations on buckling behaviour of stiffened panel during creep age formingZhou, W; Shi, Z; Rong, Q; Bai, X; Zeng, Y, et al
-Experimental and numerical investigations on the impact behaviour of pristine and patch-repaired composite laminatesLiu, H; Brooks, R; Hall, Z; Liu, J; Crocker, J, et al
Sep-2014Experimental and numerical simulations of Type 316 stainless steel failure under LCF/TMF loading conditionsNikbin, Kamran; Biglari, Farid; Hormozi Sheikhtabaghi, Mohammad;
24-Jun-2019Experimental and numerical simulations on RBS connections incorporating large sectionsBogdan, T; Bompa, DV; Elghazouli, AY; Nunez, E; Eatherthon, M, et al
Apr-2018Experimental and numerical studies of droplet impact on flowing liquid filmsMatar, Omar; Adebayo, Idris Tayo;
1-Feb-2016Experimental and numerical studies of ferritic stainless steel tubular cross sections under combined compression and bendingZhao, O; Rossi, B; Gardner, L; Young, B
2014Experimental and Numerical Studies of First Contact Miscible Injection in a Quarter Five Spot PatternDjabbarov, Sultan
1-Dec-2020Experimental and numerical studies of laser-welded stainless steel channel sections under combined compression and major axis bending momentLiang, Y; Zhao, O; Long, Y-L; Gardner, L
Jun-2010Experimental and numerical studies of lean duplex stainless steel beamsTheofanous, M; Gardner, L
1-Nov-2019Experimental and numerical studies of reinforced concrete columns confined by circular steel tubes exposed to fireLiu, F; Wang, Y; Gardner, L; Varma, AH
Jan-1997Experimental and numerical studies of S-shaped diffusing ducts.Ong, Lih-Yenn
25-Aug-2019Experimental and numerical studies on the behaviour of fibre-reinforced composites subjected to soft impact loadingLiu, H; Liu, J; Kaboglu, C; Chai, H; Kong, X, et al
31-Jul-2019Experimental and numerical studies on the flow characteristics and separation properties of dispersed liquid-liquid flowsVoulgaropoulos, V; Jamshidi, R; Mazzei, L; Angeli, P
27-Apr-2011Experimental and Numerical Studies on the Formability of Materials in Hot Stamping and Cold Die Quenching ProcessesLi, N; Mohamed, MS; Cai, J; Lin, J; Balint, D, et al
9-Jan-2017Experimental and numerical study of chemiluminescence characteristics in premixed counterflow flames of methane based fuel blendsLiu, Y; Vourliotakis, G; Hardalupas, Y; Taylor, AMKP; , et al
11-Aug-2018Experimental and numerical study of creep age forming of AA2050 plates with sparse multi-point flexible forming toolLi, Y; Shi, Z; Yang, Y-L; Lin, J; Said, R
1-Oct-2020Experimental and numerical study of fixedended high strength aluminum alloy angle section columnsWang, Z; Wang, Y; Yun, X; Gardner, L; Hu, X