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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Experimental and finite element analysis of composite geodetic shellsSandhu, Jasvinder Singh
1-Jan-2021Experimental and kinetic modeling study on sooting tendencies of alkylbenzene isomersCheng, X; Gao, Z; Ren, F; Rigopoulos, S; Zhu, L, et al
1-Dec-2015Experimental and Modeling Study of the Phase Behavior of (Heptane plus Carbon Dioxide plus Water) MixturesAl Ghafri, SZS; Forte, E; Galindo, A; Maitland, GC; Trusler, JPM, et al
19-Nov-2014Experimental and Modeling Study of the Phase Behavior of (Methane + CO2 + Water) MixturesAl Ghafri, SZS; Forte, E; Maitland, GC; Rodriguez-Henríquez, JJ; Trusler, JPM
30-Dec-2013Experimental and modeling study of the phase behavior of synthetic crude oil + CO2Al Ghafri, SZ; Maitland, GC; Trusler, JPM
Jul-2017Experimental and modelling studies of reservoir mineral dissolution following carbon dioxide injectionTrusler, J. P. Martin; Crawshaw, John; Anabaraonye, Benaiah Uchechukwu;
-Experimental and modelling studies of the transient tribological behaviour of a two-phase lubricant under complex loading conditionsWang, L;
Jan-1998Experimental and modelling studies of transient slug flow.King, Matthew James Stuart
1-Jun-2021Experimental and modelling study of friction evolution and lubricant breakdown behaviour under varying contact conditions in warm aluminium forming processesWang, L; Yang, X; Liu, X; Liu, H; Politis, DJ, et al
1-Mar-2022Experimental and modelling study of interaction between friction and galling under contact load change conditionsYang, X; Hu, Y; Zhang, L; Politis, DJ; Liu, X, et al
1-Sep-2020Experimental and modelling study of the phase behavior of (methyl propanoate + carbon dioxide) at temperatures between (298.15 and 423.15) K and pressures up to 20 MPaAl Habsi, SSA; Al Ghafri, SZS; Bamagain, R; Martin Trusler, JP
30-Sep-2018Experimental and modelling techniques for hot stamping applicationsShao, Z; Lin, J; Ganapathy, M; Dean, T
Oct-2014Experimental and numerical analysis of creep cracking under secondary and combined loadingNikbin, Kamran; Davies, Catrin; Kapadia, Priyesh;
22-Oct-2021Experimental and numerical analysis of low-velocity impact of carbon fibre based non-crimp fabric reinforced thermoplastic compositesMohsin, M; Iannucci, L; Greenhalgh, E
Oct-2019Experimental and numerical analysis of thermal elastohydrodynamic contactsReddyhoff, Thomas; Dini, Daniele; Lu, Jia
1-Apr-2017Experimental and numerical assessment of mixed RC beam and steel column systemsMoharram, MI; Bompa, DV; Elghazouli, AY;
1-Jun-2019Experimental and numerical assessment of the seismic response of steel structures with clutched inertersMalaga Chuquitaype, C; Menendez-Vicente, C; Thiers-Moggia, R
Nov-2020Experimental and numerical assessment of the shear behaviour of lime mortar clay brick masonry tripletsBompa, DV; Elghazouli, AY;
Dec-2020Experimental and numerical assessment of welded steel beam-column connections under impact loadingChen, Y; Huo, J; Chen, W; Hao, H; Elghazouli, AY
7-May-2022Experimental and numerical evaluation of the effect of micro-aeration on the thermal properties of chocolateBikos, D; Samaras, G; Charalambides, M; Cann, P; Masen, M, et al