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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Nov-2011Distributionally robust joint chance constraints with second-order moment informationZymler, S; Kuhn, D; Rustem, B
22-Jul-2018Distributionally robust mechanism designKoçyiğit, Ç; Iyengar, G; Kuhn, D; Wiesemann, W;
1-Jan-2020Distributionally robust mechanism designKoçyiğit, Ç; Iyengar, G; Kuhn, D; Wiesemann, W
Jun-2010Distributionally robust optimization with applications to risk managementRustem, Berc; Zymler, Steve
1-Jul-2015Distributions of topological observables in inclusive three- and four-jet events in pp collisions at s√=7 TeVKhachatryan, V; Sirunyan, AM; Tumasyan, A; Adam, W; Bergauer, T, et al
Feb-2020Disturbance attenuation by measurement feedback in nonlinear systems via immersion and algebraic conditionsMylvaganam, T; Sassano, M
1-Sep-2018Disturbance rejection analysis and fpga based implementation of a second order sliding mode controller fed induction motor driveTeja, AVR; Chakraborty, C; Pal, BC;
1-Oct-2013Disturbance wave development in two-phase gas-liquid upwards vertical annular flowZhao, Y; Markides, CN; Matar, OK; Hewitt, GF
26-May-2020Disturbances across whole brain networks during reward anticipation in an abstinent addiction population.Nutt, D; Nestor, L; Suckling, J; Ersche, K; Murphy, A, et al
27-Oct-2016Disturbed cyclical stretch of endothelial cells promotes nuclear expression of the pro-atherogenic transcription factor NF-kappa BPedrigi, RM; Papadimitriou, KI; Kondiboyina, A; Sidhu, S; Chau, J, et al
1-May-2019Disturbed flow in a stenosed carotid artery bifurcation: Comparison of RANS-based transitional model and LES with experimental measurementsJohari, NH; Wood, NB; Cheng, Z; Torii, R; Oishi, M, et al
28-May-2019Dithieno[3,2-b:2,3-d]arsole-containing conjugated polymers in organic photovoltaic devicesGreen, JP; Cha, H; Shahid, M; Creamer, A; Durrant, JR, et al
1974Dithiocarbamate and related complexes of rhenium, molybdenum and tungstenRowbottom , John Frederick
1-May-2022Diurnal and seasonal patterns of global urban dry islandsMeili, N; Paschalis, A; Manoli, G; Fatichi, S
1984Diurnal and seasonal variation of grass pollen in the atmosphereSteel, M. F. Q.
21-Feb-2021Diurnal cortisol slope mediates the association between affect and memory retrieval in older adults with mild cognitive impairment: a path-analytical studyHo, RTH; Fong, TCT; Yau, JCY; Chan, WC; Kwan, JSK, et al
27-Aug-2015Diurnal cycle of the dust instantaneous direct radiative forcing over the Arabian PeninsulaOsipov, S; Stenchikov, G; Brindley, H; Banks, J
9-Oct-2015Diurnal rhythms in the human urine metabolome during sleep and total sleep deprivationGiskeodegard, GF; Davies, SK; Revell, VL; Keun, H; Skene, DJ
6-Mar-2016Diverged composition and regulation of the Trypanosoma brucei origin recognition complex that mediates DNA replication initiationMarques, CA; Tiengwe, C; Lemgruber, L; Damasceno, JD; Scott, A, et al
12-Feb-2020Divergence across mitochondrial genomes of sympatric members of the Schistosoma indicum group and clues into the evolution of Schistosoma spindaleJones, BP; Norman, BF; Borrett, HE; Attwood, SW; Mondal, MMH, et al