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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019Creativity in design special sectionChilds, P; Cropley, D
Nov-2015Creativity in the Malaysian ESL (English as a second language) curriculum: Policy and implementationDrage, Charles; Kingsbury, Martyn; Halim, Huzaina Abdul;
27-Jul-2015Creativity tool selection for design engineers in idea generationYan, Y; Childs, P
19-Jan-2019Credibility in published data sourcesRigby, M; Deshpande, S; Blair, M
1987Credibility intervals in Bayesian discriminant analysisRigby, Robert Anthony
18-Apr-2015Credit default swaps and systemic riskCont, R; Minca, A
Sep-2015Credit modelling and regime-switchingPistorius, Martijn; Bell, Richard
Mar-2011Credit Modelling: Generating Spread Dynamics with Intensities and Creating Dependence with CopulasJasra, Ajay; Stephens, David; Oduneye, Chris Emeka
Apr-2012Credit Ratings, Credit Default Swaps and Credit CorrelationEl-Jahel, Lina; Cathcart, Lara; Evans, Leonard Andrew
Jan-2006Credit risk pricing models as applied to credit trading and risk managementDen Braber, Ronald Franciscus Johannes
2006Credit risk pricing with levy processes & capital structure arbitrageTrollope , Stephen
Jun-2013Creep age forming investigation on aluminum alloy 2219 and related studiesDavies, Catrin; Dear, John; Yang, Haoliang
Jan-2018Creep and creep fatigue interaction in new and service exposed P91 steelNikbin, Kamran; Davies, Catrin; Ab Razak, Norhaida Ab;
1989Creep and creep-fracture crack growthDjavanroodi, Faramarz
1971Creep and flow behaviour of steels under varying biaxial stressesShahabhi, Syed-Nouredin
1966Creep and flow behaviour of steels under varying complex stress statesRogan, John
Apr-2010Creep and microstructure evolution in nickel superalloysReed, Roger; Dye, David; Coakley, James
Oct-2020Creep behaviour and tensile response of adhesively bonded polyethylene joints: Single-Lap and Double-StrapSaeimi Sadigh, MA; Paygozar, B; Da Silva, LFM; Martínez-Pañeda, E
1971Creep behaviour of composite materialsStreet, Kenneth Norman
1965Creep buckling with lateral constraintFreed, Neville Hannan