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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1966Breeding of nucleiLal, Devojo Prithwi
Apr-2015The Breuil-Mézard conjecture when l is not equal to pGee, Toby; Shotton, Jack;
Jul-2019Breuil-Mézard conjectures for central division algebrasGee, Toby; Buzzard, Kevin; Dotto, Andrea;
17-Mar-2017BREXIT Brexit will put further pressure on the NHSMajeed, A
19-Oct-2016Brexit, private equity and managementWright, M; Wilson, N; Gilligan, J; Bacon, N; Amess, K
7-Sep-2016Brexit: A view from the BSIOpenshaw, P
12-May-2010Brg1 is required for Cdx2-mediated repression of Oct4 expression in mouse blastocystsWang, K; Sengupta, S; Magnani, L; Wilson, CA; Henry, RW, et al
29-Mar-2019Brian 2Goodman, D; Stimberg, M; Brette, R
20-Aug-2019Brian 2, an intuitive and efficient neural simulatorStimberg, M; Brette, R; Goodman, DFM
16-Sep-2016Brian 2.0 simulatorGoodman, DFM; Stimberg, M; Brette, R
22-Jul-2011Brian hears: online auditory processing using vectorization over channelsFontaine, B; Goodman, DF; Benichoux, V; Brette, R
23-Aug-2008Brian simulatorGoodman, DFM; Stimberg, M; Brette, R
15-Jan-2020Brian2GeNN: accelerating spiking neural network simulations with graphics hardwareStimberg, M; Goodman, D; Nowotny, T;
18-Nov-2008Brian: a simulator for spiking neural networks in pythonGoodman, D; Brette, R
13-Feb-2018“Brick-and-Mortar” Nanostructured Interphase for Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer CompositesDe Luca, F; Sernicola, G; Bismarck, A; Shaffer, MSP;
17-Jun-2015Bricks and blueprints: methods and standards for DNA assemblyCasini, A; Storch, M; Baldwin, GS; Ellis, T; , et al
17-Nov-2015Brides for sale, by Neriman CahitParaskos, M
31-Jan-2008Bridge helix and trigger loop perturbations generate superactive RNA polymerases.Tan, L; Wiesler, S; Trzaska, D; Carney, HC; Weinzierl, RO
23-May-2017Bridge simulation and metric estimation on landmark manifoldsSommer, S; Arnaudon, A; Kuhnel, L; Joshi, S
1984Bridgehead substituted tricyclic [10] annulenesGibbard, H. C.