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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1968Boundary layer reattachment in hypersonic flowFancett, Roger Kingsford
Sep-2016Boundary layer receptivity to freestream disturbancesMorrison, Jonathan; Bosworth, Richard;
18-May-2008Boundary layer scaling in Rayleigh-Benard convectionvan Reeuwijk, M; Jonker , HJJ; Hanjalic, K
1981Boundary layer studies at hypersonic speedsEdwards, Allen John
1987Boundary layer transition on concave surfacesLeoutsakos, George
1971Boundary layers with swirlSiddhartha, Venkatasubbiah
1979Boundary lubricated contacts at high repetition ratesMills, T. N.
Nov-2014Boundary singularities of functions in symplectic and volume-preserving geometryLamb, Jeroen; Turaev, Dimitry; Kourliouros, Konstantinos;
1-Oct-2018Boundary spanning and knowledge exploration in a professional services firmLouise Mors, M; Rogan, M; Lynch, SE
1-Jan-2021Boundary spike-layer solutions of the singular Keller-Segel system: existence and stabilityCarrillo de la Plata, JA; Li, J; Wang, Z;
22-Oct-2015Boundary terms for causal setsBuck, M; Dowker, F; Jubb, I; Surya, S; , et al
3-Oct-2014Boundary-controlled barostats for slab geometries in molecular dynamics simulationsGattinoni, C; Mackowiak, S; Heyes, DM; Branka, AC; Dini, D
28-Oct-2020Boundary-layer effects on electromagnetic and acoustic extraordinary transmission through narrow slitsBrandão, R; Holley, J; Schnitzer, O;
24-Jul-2016Bounded analysis of constrained dynamical systems: a case study in nuclear arms controlHuth, MRA; Beaumont, P; Evans, N; Plant, T; , et al
31-Jul-2009Bounded Approximate Decentralised Coordination using the Max-Sum AlgorithmFarinelli, A; Rogers, A; Jennings, N
1-Feb-2011Bounded approximate decentralised coordination via the max-sum algorithmRogers, A; Farinelli, A; Stranders, R; Jennings, NR
1-Jan-2011Bounded decentralised coordination over multiple objectivesFave, FMD; Stranders, R; Rogers, A; Jennings, N
18-Oct-2017Bounded perturbation regularization for linear least squares estimationBallal, T; Suliman, MA; Al-Naffouri, TY
1984Bounded solutions of the nonlinear parabolic amplitude equation for plane poiseuille flowHolmes, C. A.
22-Oct-2020bounded-rand-walkersKuhn-Regnier, A; Cocconi, L; Neuss, M