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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2016Contribution of glucose to increased respiratory bacterial burden in hyperglycaemiaTregoning, John; Filloux, Alain; Gill, Simren Kaur;
Oct-2014Correlates of protection and disease in experimental human respiratory syncytial virus infectionOpenshaw, Peter; Habibi, Maximillian Shahin;
Aug-2015The critical role of monocytes In transplant-related acute lung injuryO'Dea, Kieran; Marczin, Nandor; Takata, Masao; Tatham, Kate;
May-2014A crucial role for IL-21 in controlling CD4 T cell responses to respiratory viral infectionOpenshaw, Peter; Dodd, Jonathan Soames;
May-2013Cytokines and epigenetic regulation of matrix metalloproteinases in tuberculosisFriedland, Jon; Moores, Rachel Clare;
Sep-2017Cytoskeletal and integrin-mediated mechanobiology of the alveolar epitheliumGriffiths, Mark; Dean, Charlotte; Johnson, Mark; Salman, David;
Mar-2020Data mining for systems medicine and spectroscopic profiling: methods and applicationsTakats, Zoltan; Guo, Yi-ke; Zounemat Kermani, Nazanin;
Aug-2020Deep learning using convolutional neural networks in clinical cardiologyFrancis, Darrel; Howard, James;
Aug-2015Defining mechanisms of tissue destruction in tuberculosis-HIV co-infection and tuberculosis immune reconstitution inflammatory syndromeElkington, Paul; Friedland, Jon; Wilkinson, Katalin; Wilkinson, Robert; Walker, Naomi Frances, et al
Jan-2019Defining the impact of Ibrutinib therapy and CFTR dysfunction on macrophage function in the innate immune response to Aspergillus fumigatusArmstrong-James, Darius; Bercusson, Amelia;
Jul-2014Determinants of severity in patients with pandemic influenzaOpenshaw, Peter; Weber, Jonathan; Dunning, Jake;
Jul-2016Determinants of tuberculosis Treatment OutcomesWilkinson, Robert John; Meintjes, Graeme; Rockwood, Neesha;
Jun-2017Determining the effect of treatment with an exogenous host defence peptide on Mycobacterium marinum-zebrafish infectionWilliams, Huw D; Price, Rebecca Louise;
Sep-2019Developing methodologies and software for Bayesian inference of transmission trees from epidemiological and genetic dataJombart, Thibaut; Cori, Anne; Ferguson, Neil; Campbell, Finlay;
Oct-2013Development of an Injectable Hydrogel Scaffold for Cardiac Tissue EngineeringAthanasiou, Thanos; Stevens, Molly; Harding, Sian; Chow, Andre;
Oct-2019The development of optical projection tomography instrumentation and its application to in vivo three dimensional imaging of zebrafishFrench, Paul; McGinty, James; Davis, Samuel Pascal Xia; , et al
Oct-2015Development of scaffolds incorporating zonal complexity for articular cartilage tissue engineeringStevens, Molly; Dunlop, Iain; Steele, Joseph Allan McKinnon; , et al
Sep-2016Diet and blood pressure: The INTERMAP and INTERMAP China Prospective StudiesElliott, Paul; Chan, Queenie; Tzoulaki, Ioanna; Yan, Li; , et al
Jun-2014Differential tumour necrosis factor signalling in human models of acute lung injuryGriffiths, Mark; Hind, Matthew; Quinlan, Gregory; Proudfoot, Alastair;
Feb-2019Early innate immune responses in HIV infectionShattock, Robin; Ortega Prieto, Ana Maria; Skelton, Jessica Katy; , et al