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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2019The role of parenting and coparenting in the development and prevention of child behaviour problemsRamchandani, Paul; Grimas, Ellen Sofia Ross;
Sep-2017The role of ribosomal protein S6 kinases in cellular senescence, ageing and fatty liver diseaseGil, Jesús; Withers, Dominic; Gallage, Suchira Upeksha;
Sep-2019The role of TAM receptors in immuneparesis in tissue compartments in liver failure syndromesThursz, Mark; Singanayagam, Arjuna;
Sep-2013The roles of neutrophils in tuberculosisMartineau, Adrian; Wilkinson, Robert; Kampmann, Beate; Lowe, David;
May-2014The roles of tumour necrosis factor and its receptors in the injury, inflammation and resolution of acute lung injuryTakata, Masao; Wilson, Michael; Patel, Brijesh;
Sep-2015The Salmonella SPI-2 Type III secretion system: regulation of a substrate specificity switch and functional analysis of the SpvD effectorHolden, David; Yu, Xiujun; Grabe, Grzegorz;
Feb-2017Sensory, cytokine and metabolic profiling of human experimental burn injury pain modelsBantel, Carsten; Nagy, Istvan; Takata, Masao; Want, Elizabeth; Laycock, Helen Catherine, et al
Sep-2016The septin cage: a novel mechanism of host defence to restrict bacterial replicationMostowy, Serge; Pelicic, Vladimir; Sirianni, Andrea;
Jan-2013Shrinkage methods for variable selection and prediction with applications to genetic dataDe Iorio, Maria; Vineis, Paolo; Cule, Erika;
Feb-2021Sputum viability microscopy for tuberculosisLevin, Michael; Datta, Sumona;
Aug-2013SpyCEP interferes with the neutrophil response against Group A StreptococcusSriskandan, Shiranee; Lawrenson, Richard;
Oct-2019The stability of influenza haemagglutinin and its significance for pathogenicity, transmission and controlBarclay, Wendy; Singanayagam, Anika;
Nov-2018Statistical approaches for metabolomics and omics data integrationStrimmer, Korbinian; Ebbels, Timothy; Glen, Robert; Dumas, Marc-Emmanuel; Jendoubi, Takoua, et al
Jan-2013Statistical Methods in Neuroimaging Genetics: Pathways Sparse Regression and Cluster Size InferenceMontana, Giovanni; Edwards, David; Silver, Matthew;
May-2019Steroid signalling via nuclear hormone receptorsOwen, Bryn; Dhillo, Waljit; Fernandes Freitas, Isabel;
Aug-2017Streptococcus pyogenes protease SpyCEP impairs neutrophil signallingSriskandan, Shiranee; Pease, James; Goldblatt, Jennifer;
Jul-2013A study of MHC class I binding viral and host derived peptides and natural killer cell functionKhakoo, Salim; Purbhoo, Marco; Cheent, Kuldeep;
May-2017A Study of the activated innate immune system of the brain in multiple sclerosis with translocator protein positron emission tomography combined with magnetic resonance imagingMatthews, Paul; Datta, Gourab;
Jul-2018Targeted use of transcranial direct current stimulation for cognitive modulation after traumatic brain injury: A neurophysiological and behavioural investigationSharp, David; Li, Lucia Mengxi;
Sep-2014Titin: an analysis of genetic variation and cardiac phenotypeCook, Stuart; Roberts, Angharad Margaret;