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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2014The peptide binding specificity of the inhibitory and activating KIR2D receptorsPurbhoo, Marco; Khakoo, Salim; Cassidy, Sorcha;
Mar-2015Pharmacological mobilisation of murine mesenchymal stem/progenitor cells: identifying potential mechanismsRankin, Sara M; Redpath, Andia Nicole;
Oct-2014Phenotyping macrophages and function of monocytes in respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infectionOpenshaw, Peter JM; Culley, Fiona J; Affendi, Siti (Sarah);
Dec-2019A phylogenetic method to perform genome-wide association studies in microbesDidelot, Xavier; Fraser, Christophe; Collins, Caitlin;
Jul-2014Physiological roles of the peptide Prokineticin 1Dhillo, Waljit; Jayasena, Channa; Gardiner, James; Abbara, Ali;
Jun-2018Plasmodium falciparum rhoptry proteins play diverse roles in the asexual erythrocytic life cycle, including in erythrocyte invasion, protein export and nutrient importBlackman, Michael; Baum, Jake; Holder, Tony; Sherling, Emma; , et al
Nov-2014Positron emissiontomography imaging of neuroinflammation in Multiple Sclerosis with a second generation translocator protein PET radioligandPiccini, Paola; Rabiner, Eugenii; Colasanti, Alessandro;
Sep-2020Predicting and preventing tuberculosisEvans, Carlton; Saunders, Matthew James;
Aug-2017Predicting response to disease modifying treatment in multiple sclerosisMatthews, Paul; Giovannoni, Gavin; Gafson, Arie R;
Sep-2017Quantification of HTLV-1 expression at the single-cell level in naturally-infected T-lymphocytesBangham, Charles; Rueda, David; Billman, Martin Rafael;
Sep-2019Quantifying spatio-temporal variation in malaria transmission in near elimination settings using individual level surveillance dataBhatt, Samir; Ghani, Azra; Walker, Patrick; Routledge, Isobel;
Mar-2017Regulation of inflammation by platelets in tuberculosisFriedland, Jonathon; Fox, Katharine;
Jan-2014Regulation of metabolism and food intake by enteropancreatic hormonesBloom, Stephen; Martin, Niamh; Tan, Tricia;
Nov-2019Revealing the (predictive) code of top-down signals in the brainSchultz, Simon; Martin, Christian-David;
Jun-2020Right ventricular biomechanics in pulmonary hypertensionWilkins, Martin; Attard, Mark Ivan;
Sep-2015The role and regulation of CD1d in normal and pathological B cellsKaradimitris, Anastasios; Chaudhry, Mohammed Suhail;
Sep-2017Role of complement at the interface between skin and systemic inflammationBotto, Marina; Dazzi, Francesco; Giacomassi, Chiara;
Jan-2012The role of Germline-Encoded T cell Receptor Complementarity Determining Regions in T cell Selection and FunctionDyson, Julian; George, Andrew; Holland, Stephen;
Apr-2013The role of gut hormones in energy homeostasisBloom, Steve; Martin, Niamh; McCullough, Katherine Anne;
Sep-2012The role of IL-17 in the pathogenesis of glomerulonephritis and ANCA-associated vasculitisCook, Terence; Salama, Alan; Hamour, Sally;