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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2016Molecular insights into host gene regulation by Epstein-Barr virus nuclear antigen EBNA3CAllday, Martin; Paschos, Konstantinos; Kalchschmidt, Jens Sebastian;
Dec-2021Multi-omics molecular profiling of lung tumoursMoffatt, Miriam; Cookson, William; Domingo-Sabugo, Clara; , et al
Feb-2016Muscle architecture, loading and joint replacement of the ankleJeffers, Jonathan R T; Amis, Andrew A; Sopher, Ran Salach; , et al
Sep-2017Nano-engineered materials to probe and affect natural killer cell functionDunlop, Iain; Davis, Daniel; Loftus, Christian; , et al
Sep-2015Nasal allergen provocation: validation of clinical and immunologic markers and response to grass pollen immunotherapyDurham, Stephen; Scadding, Guy;
Sep-2014Neuroinflammmation in alcohol dependenceLingford-Hughes, Anne; Rabiner, Eugenii; Kalk, Nicola Jayne;
Jul-2019Neutrophils in respiratory syncytial virus infectionJohansson, Cecilia; Kirsebom, Freja;
Sep-2017New ways to control Shigella infection in the zebrafish modelMostowy, Serge; Lo Celso, Cristina; Willis, Alexandra; , et al
Jul-2013Node dynamics on graphs: dynamical heterogeneity in consensus, synchronisation and final value approximation for complex networksBarahona, Mauricio; Stan, Guy-Bart; O'Clery, Neave;
Jul-2013Norovirus replication and attenuationGoodfellow, Ian; Thorne, Lucy;
2013Novel descriptive and model based statistical approaches in immunology and signal transductionStumpf, Michael; Krams, Rob; Liepe, Juliane;
Nov-2016Novel glycomic approaches to unravel protein- carbohydrate interactions in complement-associated kidney diseasePickering, Matthew; Feizi, Ten; Gyapon Quast, Frederick;
Sep-2016Novel insights into in vivo functions of the asthma susceptibility gene ORMDL3Lloyd, Clare M; Zhang, Youming; Moffatt, Miriam F; Loeser, Stephan;
Feb-2015Novel O-glycan arrays to characterize human cancer-associated epithelial antigensFeizi, Ten; Gao, Chao;
Mar-2017The ontogeny of innate immunity in Gambian infantsKampmann, Beate; Wright, Victoria; Battersby, Anna;
Nov-2014The peptide binding specificity of the inhibitory and activating KIR2D receptorsPurbhoo, Marco; Khakoo, Salim; Cassidy, Sorcha;
Mar-2015Pharmacological mobilisation of murine mesenchymal stem/progenitor cells: identifying potential mechanismsRankin, Sara M; Redpath, Andia Nicole;
Oct-2014Phenotyping macrophages and function of monocytes in respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infectionOpenshaw, Peter JM; Culley, Fiona J; Affendi, Siti (Sarah);
Dec-2019A phylogenetic method to perform genome-wide association studies in microbesDidelot, Xavier; Fraser, Christophe; Collins, Caitlin;
Jul-2014Physiological roles of the peptide Prokineticin 1Dhillo, Waljit; Jayasena, Channa; Gardiner, James; Abbara, Ali;