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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2016Analysis of host gene regulation by Epstein-Barr Virus Nuclear Antigen 3B (EBNA3B)Allday, Martin; White, Rob; Ho, Guiyi;
Apr-2019Analysis of images of the human retinaAnil, Bharath; Thom, Simon; Witt, Nicholas William;
Apr-2016An analysis of the variation in event rates, case fatality and mortality of Acute Coronary Syndrome across English districts 2006-2010Ezzati, Majid; Elliott, Paul; Asaria, Perviz;
Jul-2019Anomalous temperature and seasonality of mortality in the United StatesEzzati, Majid; Toumi, Ralf; Parks, Robbie Michael Ignatius;
Aug-2015The anthropometric, environmental and genetic determinants of right ventricular structure and functionWilkins, Martin; O'Regan, Declan; Cook, Stuart; Dawes, Timothy;
Dec-2014Anti-oxidised low density lipoprotein antibodies for the serology and imaging of atherosclerosisHaskard, Dorian; Khamis, Ramzi Yousef Jabra;
Mar-2015The application of novel imaging modalities in the monitoring of inflammatory activity in Crohn’s diseaseOrchard, Timothy; Matthews, Paul; Russo, Evangelos Alessios;
Aug-2015The application of robotics to keyhole transcranial endoscopic microsurgeryNandi, Dipankar; Darzi, Ara; Yang, Guang-Zhong; Marcus, Hani Joseph;
Oct-2014Arrhythmogenic sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium leak in isolated ventricular cardiomyocytes - changes in heart failure and mechanisms of pharmacological modulationMacLeod, Kenneth; Lyon, Alexander; Harding, Sian; Sikkel, Markus;
Jul-2014The association between Chlamydia trachomatis and pelvic inflammatory disease: findings from observational studiesWard, Helen; Garnett, Geoffrey; Davies, Bethan;
Feb-2015Barriers to effectiveness: artemisinin combination therapies (ACTs) and the health systemGhani, Azra; Rao, Bhargavi;
Aug-2013Behavioural and neuroimaging studies of food reward after bariatric surgery for obesityBell, Jimmy; Goldstone, Anthony; Le Roux, Carel; Scholtz, Samantha; , et al
Jul-2016Bio-inspired systems for treatment of diabetesGeorgiou, Pantelis; Toumazou, Christofer; El Sharkawy, Mohamed Fayez;
Aug-2018Bioinspired nanotechnologies for on-demand growth factor deliveryAlmquist, Benjamin; Stejskalová, Anna;
Sep-2016Characterisation of the pathogenic Escherichia coli type three secretion system effector NleGFrankel, Gad; McGeever, Bevin;
Jul-2015Clinical evaluation of a novel close-loop insulin delivery system in type 1 diabetesOliver, Nick; Johnston, Desmond; Reddy, Monika;
Jun-2017Collagen & aortopathy gene abnormalities in ehlers danlos syndrome (EDS) & sporadic thoracic aortic aneurysm & dissection (TAAD)Aitman, Timothy; Cheshire, Nicholas; Weerakkody, Ruwan;
Jun-2013Computational Proteomics Using Network-Based StrategiesSergot, Marek; Goh, Wen;
Sep-2012Constructing and validating modelled concentration surfaces for Black Smoke and Sulphur Dioxide across Great Britain, 1955-2001Hansell, Anna; Vienneau, Danielle; Gulliver, John; Briggs, David; Morris, Chloe, et al
Sep-2016The contact electrogram and its architectural determinants in persistent human atrial fibrillation: understanding the electroarchitecture of the arrhythmic substrateKanagaratnam, Prapa; Francis, Darrel; Peters, Nicholas; Qureshi, Norman; , et al