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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jun-2017Improved inter-particle flow models for predicting heap leaching hydrodynamicsIlankoon, IMSK; Neethling, SJ; Huang, Z; Cheng, Z; , et al
22-May-2017Insights into ferric leaching of low grade metal sulfide-containing ores in an unsaturated ore bed using x-ray computed tomographyDobson, KJ; Harrison, STL; Lin, Q; Bhreasail, AN; Fagan-Endres, MA, et al
1-Jan-2019Inter-particle liquid spread pertaining to heap leaching using UV fluorescence based image analysisIlankoon, S; Neethling, S;
26-Jul-2017Ionic liquids for metal extraction from chalcopyrite: solid, liquid and gas phase studiesKuzmina, O; Symianakis, E; Godfrey, D; Albrecht, T; Welton, T, et al
24-Apr-2017Modelling of primary fragmentation in block caving mines using a finite-element based fracture mechanics approachPaluszny, A; Zimmerman, RW;
16-Aug-2016Models for apparent reaction kinetics in heap leaching: A new semi-empirical approach and its comparison to shrinking core and other particle-scale modelsFerrier, RJ; Cai, L; Lin, Q; Gorman, GJ; Neethling, SJ, et al
1-Aug-2015On the use of quarter-point tetrahedral finite elements in linear elastic fracture mechanicsNejati, M; Paluszny, A; Zimmerman, RW;