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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Apr-2018A comprehensive pan-cancer molecular study of gynecologic and breast cancersBerger, AC; Korkut, A; Kanchi, RS; Hegde, AM; Lenoir, W, et al
5-Apr-2018A pan-cancer analysis of enhancer expression in nearly 9000 patient samplesChen, H; Li, C; Peng, X; Zhou, Z; Weinstein, JN, et al
24-Oct-2018A pan-cancer analysis reveals high-frequency genetic alterations in mediators of signaling by the TGF-β superfamilyKorkut, A; Zaidi, S; Kanchi, RS; Rao, S; Gough, NR, et al
5-Apr-2018An integrated TCGA pan-cancer clinical data resource to drive high-quality survival outcome analyticsLiu, J; Lichtenberg, T; Hoadley, KA; Poisson, LM; Lazar, AJ, et al
5-Apr-2018Cell-of-Origin patterns dominate the molecular classification of 10,000 tumors from 33 types of cancerHoadley, KA; Yau, C; Hinoue, T; Wolf, DM; Lazar, AJ, et al
9-Apr-2018Comparative molecular analysis of gastrointestinal adenocarcinomasLiu, Y; Sethi, NS; Hinoue, T; Schneider, BG; Cherniack, AD, et al
13-Aug-2018Comprehensive analysis of alternative splicing across tumors from 8,705 patientsKahles, A; Lehmann, K-V; Toussaint, NC; Huser, M; Stark, SG, et al
30-Oct-2018Comprehensive molecular characterization of the Hippo signaling pathway in cancerWang, Y; Xu, X; Maglic, D; Dill, MT; Mojumdar, K, et al
3-Apr-2018Driver fusions and their implications in the development and treatment of human cancersGao, Q; Liang, W-W; Foltz, SM; Mutharasu, G; Jayasinghe, RG, et al
9-Apr-2018Genomic and functional approaches to understanding cancer aneuploidyTaylor, AM; Shih, J; Ha, G; Gao, GF; Zhang, X, et al
3-Apr-2018Genomic and molecular landscape of dna damage repair deficiency across the cancer genome atlasKnijnenburg, TA; Wang, L; Zimmermann, MT; Chambwe, N; Gao, GF, et al
3-Apr-2018Genomic, pathway network, and immunologic features distinguishing squamous carcinomasCampbell, JD; Yau, C; Bowlby, R; Liu, Y; Brennan, K, et al
3-Apr-2018Integrated genomic analysis of the ubiquitin pathway across cancer typesGe, Z; Leighton, JS; Wang, Y; Peng, X; Chen, Z, et al
9-Apr-2018lncRNA epigenetic landscape analysis identifies EPIC1 as an oncogenic lncRNA that interacts with MYC and promotes cell-cycle progression in cancerWang, Z; Yang, B; Zhang, M; Guo, W; Wu, Z, et al
3-Apr-2018Machine learning detects pan-cancer ras pathway activation in the cancer genome atlasWay, GP; Sanchez-Vega, F; La, K; Armenia, J; Chatila, WK, et al
5-Apr-2018Machine learning identifies stemness features associated with oncogenic dedifferentiationMalta, TM; Sokolov, A; Gentles, AJ; Burzykowski, T; Poisson, L, et al
3-Apr-2018Molecular characterization and clinical relevance of metabolic expression subtypes in human cancersPeng, X; Chen, Z; Farshidfar, F; Xu, X; Lorenzi, PL, et al
5-Apr-2018Oncogenic signaling pathways in the cancer genome atlasSanchez-Vega, F; Mina, M; Armenia, J; Chatila, WK; Luna, A, et al
28-Mar-2018Pan-cancer alterations of the myc oncogene and its proximal network across the cancer genome atlasSchaub, FX; Dhankani, V; Berger, AC; Trivedi, M; Richardson, AB, et al
3-Apr-2018Pan-cancer analysis of lncRNA regulation supports their targeting of cancer genes ineach tumor contextChiu, H-S; Somvanshi, S; Patel, E; Chen, T-W; Singh, VP, et al