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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2018Canopy structure and topography jointly constrain the microclimate of human-modified tropical landscapesJucker, T; Hardwick, SR; Both, S; Elias, DMO; Ewers, RM, et al
21-Jul-2020Characterising soundscapes across diverse ecosystems using a universal acoustic feature setSethi, S; Jones, NS; Fulcher, B; Picinali, L; Clink, DJ, et al
23-Mar-2018Effect of tropical forest disturbance on the competitive interactions within a diverse ant communityGray, R; Ewers, R; Boyle, M; Chung, A; Gill, RJ, et al
7-Mar-2017Effects of different land-use on suspended sediment dynamics in Sabah (Malaysian Borneo) - a view at the event and annual timescalesNainar, A; Bidin, K; Walsh, RPD; Ewers, RM; Reynolds, G, et al
6-Mar-2019El NiƱo drought and tropical forest conversion synergistically determine mosquito development rateGregory, N; Ewers, RM; Chung, AYC; Cator, LJ; , et al
22-Jun-2018Estimating aboveground carbon density and its uncertainty in Borneo's structurally complex tropical forests using airborne laser scanningJucker, T; Asner, GP; Dalponte, M; Brodrick, PG; Philipson, CD, et al
31-May-2021Fine root dynamics across pantropical rainforest ecosystemsHuaraca Huasco, W; Riutta, T; Girardin, CAJ; Hancco Pacha, F; Puma Vilca, BL, et al
24-Sep-2020Forest conversion to oil palm compresses food chain length in tropical streams.Wilkinson, CL; Chua, KWJ; Fiala, R; Liew, JH; Kemp, V, et al
5-Jul-2016Grain-dependent responses of mammalian diversity to land use and the implications for conservation set-asideWearn, OR; Carbone, C; Rowcliffe, JM; Bernard, H; Ewers, RM, et al
17-Jun-2019How does forest conversion and fragmentation affect ant communities and the ecosystem processes that they mediate?Fayle, TM; Yusah, KM; Ewers, R; Boyle, MJW;
1-Nov-2018Hydrological dynamics of tropical streams on a gradient of land-use disturbance and recovery: A multi-catchment experimentNainar, A; Tanaka, N; Bidin, K; Annammala, KV; Ewers, RM, et al
17-Dec-2019Imaging spectroscopy reveals the effects of topography and logging on the leaf chemistry of tropical forest canopy treesSwinfield, T; Both, S; Riutta, T; Bongalov, B; Elias, D, et al
1-Jan-2019Impending regeneration failure of the IUCN vulnerable Borneo ironwood (Eusideroxylon zwageri)Qie, L; Elsy, A; Stumvoll, A; Kwasnicka, M; Peel, A, et al
11-May-2017Increasing land-use intensity reverses the relative occupancy of two quadrupedal scavengersTwining, JP; Bernard, H; Ewers, RM;
1-Oct-2018Inter-annual dynamics and persistence of small mammal communities in a selectively logged tropical forest in BorneoChapman, P; Wearn, OR; Riutta, T; Carbone, C; Rowcliffe, M, et al
Jan-2019Land-use change alters the mechanisms assembling rainforest mammal communities in BorneoWearn, OR; Carbone, C; Rowcliffe, JM; Pfeifer, M; Bernard, H, et al
1-Jun-2018Land-use change is associated with a significant loss of freshwater fish species and functional richness in Sabah, MalaysiaWilkinson, CL; Yeo, DCJ; Hui, TH; Fikri, AH; Ewers, RM, et al
1-May-2021Localised climate change defines ant communities in human-modified tropical landscapesBoyle, MJW; Bishop, TR; Luke, SH; Van Breugel, M; Evans, TA, et al
1-Jul-2018Logging disturbance shifts net primary productivity and its allocation in Bornean tropical forests.Riutta, T; Malhi, Y; Kho, LK; Marthews, TR; Huaraca Huasco, W, et al
20-Jun-2017Mammalian species abundance across a gradient of tropical land-use intensity: A hierarchical multi-species modelling approachWearn, OR; Rowcliffe, JM; Carbone, C; Pfeifer, M; Bernard, H, et al