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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jul-2018A neuronal hub binding sleep initiation and body cooling in response to a warm external stimulusHarding, E; Yu, X; Miao, A; Andrews, N; Ma, Y, et al
1-Mar-2019Biotribology of the ageing skin—Why we should careLimbert, G; Masen, MA; Pond, D; Graham, HK; Sherratt, MJ, et al
8-Jul-2020Effects of sebum properties on skin friction: investigation using a bench testKorbeld, K; Klaassen, M; Jobanputra, R; De Vries, E; Masen, M, et al
4-Apr-2017Fast and slow inhibition in the visual thalamus is influenced by allocating GABAA receptors with different gamma subunitsBrickley, SG; Ye, Z; Yu, X; Houston, C; Aboukhalil, Z, et al
1-Apr-2018Modulation of GABA-A receptor function and sleepBrickley, SG; Wisden, W; Franks, NP; , et al
2-Oct-2019Morphology and composition play distinct and complementary roles in the tolerance of plantar skin to mechanical loadBoyle, C; Plotczyk, M; Fayos Villalta, S; Patel, S; Hettiaratchy, S, et al
28-May-2017The static friction response of non-glabrous skin as a function of surface energy and environmental conditionsKlaassen, M; De Vries, EG; Masen, MA;