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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2014Decision support continuum paradigm for cardiovascular disease: Towards personalized predictive modelsKitney, Richard; Poh, Chueh Loo; Tay, Darwin; , et al
Sep-2013Electrochemical biosensors for real-time detection of angiogenesisO'Hare, Danny; Li, Changming; Chen, Peng; Ng, Shu Rui;
Sep-2013Exploring new bioprocess considerations for cardiomyogenesis of embryonic stem cellsMantalaris, Athanasios; Lim, Mayasari; Teo, Ailing;
Jul-2014Functional analysis of microRNA-181a: identification of target proteins and application in HCC therapyChen, Wei Ning William; Habib, Nagy; Dickinson, Robert; Tan, Yi; , et al
Jan-2014Macroporous hydrogels formed by high internal phase emulsion-templating and their applications in tissue engineeringBismarck, Alexander; Oh, Bernice;