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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2017Functional characterisation of OPCML clinical mutations in ovarian cancer and correlate to OPCML crystal structureGabra, Hani; Recchi, Chiara; Alomary, Mohammad Nasser;
1-Jan-2019Influence of age, gender, smoking, diabetes, thyroid and cardiac dysfunctions on cystatin C biomarkerAl Musaimi, O; Abu-Nawwas, AH; Al Shaer, D; Khaleel, NY; Fawzi, M, et al
-Intracellular chloride channels regulate endothelial metabolic reprogramming in pulmonary arterial hypertensionAlzaydi, M; Abdul Salam, V; Whitwell, H; Russomanno, G; Glynos, A, et al
-New HPLC method for determination of cystatin C biomarker in human bloodAlMusaimi, OI; Abu-Nawwas, A-AH; AlShaer, DM; Khaleel, NY;
4-Mar-2020Therapeutic potential of KLF2 induced exosomal microRNAs in pulmonary hypertensionSindi, H; Russomanno, G; Satta, S; Abdul Saalam, V; Kyeong Beom, J, et al