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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jun-2020Characterization of thermomechanical boundary conditions of a martensitic steel for a FAST forming processWang, L;
1-Jan-2021Design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) of hot stamping dies with improved cooling performance under cyclic loading conditionsChantzis, D; Liu, X; Politis, DJ; Shi, Z; Wang, L, et al
25-Nov-2020Development of a general interfacial heat transfer coefficient model to characterise the critical processing parameters in hot and warm aluminium stamping processesLiu, X; Cai, Z; Zheng, Y; Elfakir, O; Wang, L, et al
1-Aug-2019Development of the post-form strength prediction model for a high-strength 6xxx aluminium alloy with pre-existing precipitates and residual dislocationsZhang, Q; Luan, X; Dhawan, S; Politis, DJ; Du, Q, et al
-Experimental and modelling studies of the transient tribological behaviour of a two-phase lubricant under complex loading conditionsWang, L;
1-Jun-2021Experimental and modelling study of friction evolution and lubricant breakdown behaviour under varying contact conditions in warm aluminium forming processesWang, L; Yang, X; Liu, X; Liu, H; Politis, DJ, et al
1-Mar-2022Experimental and modelling study of interaction between friction and galling under contact load change conditionsYang, X; Hu, Y; Zhang, L; Politis, DJ; Liu, X, et al
3-Mar-2021Investigation of the friction coefficient evolution and lubricant breakdown behaviour of AA7075 aluminium alloy forming processes at elevated temperaturesYang, X; Zhang, Q; Zheng, Y; Liu, X; Politis, DJ, et al