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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-A deterministic memory allocator for dynamic symbolic executionSchemmel, D; B√ľning, J; Busse, F; Nowack, M; Cadar, C, et al
1-Jul-2022Combining static analysis error traces with dynamic symbolic execution (experience paper)Busse, F; Gharat, P; Cadar, C; Donaldson, A; , et al
8-Jul-2022CsmithEdge: more effective compiler testing by handling undefined behaviour less conservativelyEven-Mendoza, K; Cadar, C; Donaldson, A; , et al
1-Nov-2020Past-sensitive pointer analysis for symbolic executionTrabish, D; Kapus, T; Rinetzky, N; Cadar, C;
25-Dec-2020Pending constraints in symbolic execution for better exploration and seedingKapus, T; Busse, F; Cadar, C;
Jul-2020Running symbolic execution foreverBusse, F; Nowack, M; Cadar, C; , et al
21-Jan-2022SaBRe: load-time selective binary rewritingArras, P-A; Andronidis, A; Pina, L; Mituzas, K; Shu, Q, et al
-SnapFuzz: High-throughput fuzzing of network applicationsAndronidis, A; Cadar, C;