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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2016Limiting efficiencies for intermediate band solar cells with partial absorptivity: the case for a quantum ratchetPusch, A; Yoshida, M; Hylton, NP; Mellor, A; Phillips, CC, et al
2-Mar-2018Near-field strong coupling of single quantum dotsHecht, B; Hamm, J; Tufarelli, T; Hess, O; Heiko, G, et al
19-Jan-2017On-demand Aerodynamics in Integrally Actuated Membranes with Feedback ControlBuoso, S; Palacios, R;
1-Jan-2017Optimal rolling manoeuvres with very flexible wingsMaraniello, S; Palacios, R;
Jun-2020Predicting the compaction of hybrid multilayer woven composite reinforcement stacksValkova, M; Anthony, DB; Kucernak, ARJ; Shaffer, MSP; Greenhalgh, ES, et al
1-May-2022Predicting the mechanical behaviour of structural supercapacitor compositesValkova, M; Anthony, DB; Kucernak, ARJ; Shaffer, MSP; Greenhalgh, ES, et al
16-May-2016Quantum Plasmonic Sensing: Beyond the Shot-Noise and Diffraction LimitMaier, SA; Lee, C; Dieleman; Lee, J; Rockstuhl, C, et al
4-Aug-2016Quantum PlasmonicsFitzgerald, JM; Narang, P; Craster, RV; Maier, SA; Giannini, V, et al
21-Mar-2021Reductive processing of single walled carbon nanotubes for high volumetric performance supercapacitorsSirisinudomkit, P; Senokos, E; Rubio Carrero, N; Shaffer, M; , et al
8-Mar-2018Semiconductor nanostructure quantum ratchet for high efficiency solar cellsVaquero-Stainer, A; Yoshida, M; Hylton, NP; Pusch, A; Curtin, O, et al
7-Jul-2016Single-molecule strong coupling at room temperature in plasmonic nanocavitiesChikkaraddy, R; De Nijs, B; Barrow, S; Sherman, OA; Rosta, E, et al
17-Jun-2016Strong and coherent coupling between localised and propagating phonon polaritonsGubbin, CR; Martini, F; Politi, A; Maier, SA; De Liberato, S, et al
1-Sep-2021The influence of fabrication parameters on the electrochemical performance of multifunctional structural supercapacitorsQi, G; Nguyen, S; Anthony, DB; Kucernak, ARJ; Shaffer, MSP, et al
4-Jan-2016Towards a Fluid-Structure Interaction solver for Problems with Large Deformations within the Open-Source SU2 SuiteSanchez, R; Palacios, R; Economon, TD; Kline, HL; Alonso, JJ, et al
16-Aug-2016Tracking Optical Welding through Groove Modes in Plasmonic NanocavitiesMertens, J; Demetriadou, A; Bowman, RW; Benz, F; Kleemann, ME, et al
5-Jul-2016Transformation Optics: A Time- and Frequency-Domain Analysis of Electron-Energy Loss Spectroscopy.Kraft, M; Luo, Y; Pendry, JB; , et al
15-Mar-2016Viscoelastic effects in the aeromechanics of actuated elastomeric membrane wingsBuoso, S; Palacios, R;