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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2020Historical changes in the stomatal limitation of photosynthesis: empirical support for an optimality principleLavergne, A; Voelker, S; Csank, A; Graven, H; De Boer, HJ, et al
24-Sep-2020Impacts of soil water stress on the acclimated stomatal limitation of photosynthesis: insights from stable carbon isotope data.Lavergne, A; Sandoval, D; Hare, VJ; Graven, H; Prentice, IC, et al
4-Nov-2016Increased light-use efficiency in northern terrestrial ecosystems indicated by CO2 and greening observationsThomas, RT; Prentice, IC; Graven, H; Ciais, P; Fisher, JB, et al
1-Aug-2019Is NPP proportional to GPP? Waring’s hypothesis twenty years onCollalti, A; Prentice, I;
10-Sep-2018Latitudinal limits to the predicted increase of the peatland carbon sink with warmingGallego-Sala, A; Charman, D; Brewer, S; Page, S; Prentice, IC, et al
30-Jan-2017Leaf nitrogen from first principles: field evidence for adaptive variation with climateDong, N; Prentice, IC; Evans, BJ; Caddy-Retalic, S; Lowe, AJ, et al
22-Oct-2015Long-term water stress leads to acclimation of drought sensitivity of photosynthetic capacity in xeric but not riparian Eucalyptus speciesZhou, S-X; Medlyn, BE; Prentice, IC;
12-Apr-2017Modelling the demand for new nitrogen fixation by terrestrial ecosystemsXu-Ri; Prentice, IC;
1-Jul-2016Mycorrhizal association as a primary control of the CO2 fertilization effectTerrer, C; Vicca, S; Hungate, BA; Phillips, RP; Prentice, IC, et al
12-Aug-2019Nitrogen and phosphorus constrain the CO2 fertilization of global plant biomasTerrer, C; Prentice, I; Jackson, R; Keenan, T; Kaiser, C, et al
1-Jul-2019Observed and modelled historical trends in the water use efficiency of plants and ecosystemsLavergne, A; Graven, H; De Kauwe, MG; Keenan, FT; Medlyn, BE, et al
1-May-2015Optimal stomatal behaviour around the worldLin, Y-S; Medlyn, BE; Duursma, RA; Prentice, IC; Wang, H, et al
22-Oct-2021Optimality-based modelling of climate impacts on global potential wheat yield.Qiao, S; Wang, H; Prentice, IC; Harrison, S; , et al
11-May-2020Organizing principles for vegetation dynamicsFranklin, O; Harrison, S; Roderick, D; Farrior, C; Brannstrom, A, et al
26-Mar-2020P-model v1.0: an optimality-based light use efficiency model for simulating ecosystem gross primary productionStocker, BD; Wang, H; Smith, NG; Harrison, SP; Keenan, TF, et al
13-Jan-2021Predictability of leaf traits with climate and elevation: a case study in Gongga Mountain, ChinaXu, H; Wang, H; Prentice, IC; Harrison, SP; Wang, G, et al
1-Jan-2019Quantifying leaf trait covariation and its controls across climates and biomesYang, Y; Wang, H; Harrison, S; Prentice, IC; Wright, I, et al
8-Nov-2016Recent pause in the growth rate of atmospheric CO2 due to enhanced terrestrial carbon uptakeKeenan, TF; Prentice, IC; Canadell, JG; Williams, CA; Wang, H, et al
3-Jan-2017Reconstructing ice-age palaeoclimates: Quantifying low-CO2 effects on plantsPrentice, IC; Cleator, SF; Huang, YH; Harrison, SP; Roulstone, I, et al
19-Oct-2015Reduced streamflow in water-stressed climates consistent with CO2 effects on vegetationUkkola, AM; Prentice, IC; Keenan, TF; Van Dijk, AIJM; Viney, NR, et al