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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-[18F]-FDG PET/CT characterisation of progressive HIV-associated tuberculosisWilkinson, RJ; Esmail, H; Lesosky, M; Lai, RP; Wilkinson, KA, et al
20-Jan-201625-Hydroxyvitamin D Concentration and Leukocyte Telomere Length in Young Adults: Findings From the Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1966Williams, DM; Palaniswamy, S; Sebert, S; Buxton, JL; Blakemore, AIF, et al
28-Sep-201732-channel ultra-low-noise arbitrary signal generation platform for biopotential emulationHaci, D; Liu, Y; Constandinou, TG; , et al
12-Oct-2021392 Magseed-guided wide local excision during the COVID-19 pandemic: a tenable solution to barriers in accessing elective breast cancer surgeryTeh, JJ; Cai, W; Kedrzycki, M; Thiruchelvam, P; Leff, D, et al
14-Feb-20183D microfluidic liver cultures as physiological preclinical tool for hepatitis B virus infectionOrtega-Prieto, AM; Skelton, JK; Wai, SN; Large, E; Lussignol, M, et al
7-Jun-20193D printed microfluidic device for online detection of dynamic metabolite concentration changes with high temporal resolution in human brain microdialysateSamper, I; Gowers, S; Rogers, M; Murray, D-S; Jewell, S, et al
1-Aug-20183D reconstruction in canonical co-ordinate space from arbitrarily oriented 2D imagesHou, B; Khanal, B; Alansary, A; McDonagh, S; Davidson, A, et al
12-Apr-20223DLigandSite: Structure-based prediction of protein-ligand binding sitesMcGreig, J; Uri, H; Antczak, M; Michaelis, M; Sternberg, M, et al
13-Sep-2016A "smart" force-limiting instrument for microsurgery: laboratory and in vivo validationMarcus, HJ; Payne, CJ; Kailaya-Vasa, A; Griffiths, S; Clark, J, et al
4-Aug-2015A 3D printed microfluidic device with integrated biosensors for online analysis of subcutaneous human microdialysateGowers, SAN; Curto, VF; Seneci, CA; Wang, C; Anastasova, S, et al
15-Jun-2017A 4-wire interface SoC for shared multi-implant power transfer and full-duplex communicationGhoreishizadeh, S; Haci, D; Liu, Y; Constandinou, T; , et al
31-Dec-2017A 64-Channel Versatile Neural Recording SoC with Activity Dependant Data ThroughputLiu, Y; Luan, S; Williams, I; Rapeaux, A; Constandinou, TG, et al
May-2020A biosynthetic platform for antimalarial drug discoveryWilkinson, MD; Lai, H-E; Freemont, PS; Baum, J; , et al
2-Dec-2020A blueprint for translational regenerative medicineArmstrong, JPK; Keane, TJ; Roques, AC; Stephen Patrick, P; Mooney, CM, et al
26-Jul-2016A century of trends in adult human heightBentham, J; Di Cesare, M; Stevens, GA; Zhou, B; Bixby, H, et al
28-Sep-2017A charge-based ultra-low power continuous-time ADC for data driven neural spike processingMaslik, M; Liu, Y; Lande, TS; Constandinou, TG; , et al
24-Nov-2021A chemical investigation of household solid fuel use and outdoor air pollution contributions to personal PM2.5 exposuresLai, A; Lee, M; Carter, E; Chan, Q; Elliott, P, et al
21-Apr-2022A clinical and physiological prospective observational study on the management of pediatric shock in the post-fluid expansion as supportive therapy trial eraObonyo, N; Olupot-Olupot, P; Mpoya, A; Nteziyaremye, J; Chebet, M, et al
24-Aug-2016A CMOS-based neural implantable optrode for optogenetic stimulation and electrical recordingZhao, H; Dehkhoda, F; Ramezani, R; Sokolov, D; Constandinou, TG, et al
15-Feb-2015A coherent approach for analysis of the Illumina HumanMethylation450 BeadChip improves data quality and performance in epigenome-wide association studiesLehne, B; Drong, AW; Loh, M; Zhang, W; Scott, WR, et al