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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2012Blast loading of fibre reinforced polymer composite structuresDear, John; Arora, Hari;
May-2019Blast performance of composite sandwich structures with hybrid laminate skinsDear, John P; Hooper, Paul A; Rolfe, Emily Louise;
-Effects of three-dimensional disturbances on bluff body near wakesBearman, Professor P.W.; Tombazis, Nicholas;
Sep-2015Forming and structural integrity of lightweight materials for transport applicationsDear, John; Lin, Jianguo; Chen, Shouhua; , et al
Aug-2013Investigation of conditional statistics in premixed combustion and the transition to flameless oxidation in turbulent opposed jetsLindstedt, Peter; Jones, William; Goh, Kok Hin Henry;
Mar-2016The structural performance and frequency filtering effects of perforated metal to composite jointsLouca, Luke; Brambleby, Reuben;