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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Sep-2020Barriers and facilitators to the participation of people from Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Communities in health research: a case study from the SCAMP adolescent cohort studyBruton, J; Jones, K; Jenkins, R; Davies, B; Ward, H, et al
1-Feb-2019Cohort profile: the study of cognition, adolescents and mobile phones (SCAMP)Toledano, MB; Mutz, J; Roosli, M; Thomas, MSC; Dumontheil, I, et al
1-Mar-2019Night-time screen-based media device use and adolescents’ sleep and health-related quality of lifeMireku, MO; Barker, M; Mutz, J; Dumontheil, I; Thomas, MSC, et al
1-Apr-2019Processed data on the night-time use of screen-based media devices and adolescents’ sleep quality and health-related quality of lifeMireku, MO; Barker, MM; Mutz, J; Shen, C; Dumontheil, I, et al
1-Aug-2020Social networking site use in young adolescents: association with health-related quality of life and behavioural difficultiesJenkins, R; Shen, C; Dumontheil, I; Thomas, MSC; Elliott, P, et al
30-Oct-2017Total recall in the SCAMP Cohort: Validation of self-reported mobile phone use in the smartphone eraToledano, MB; Mueller, W; Fleming, C; Chang, I; Dumontheil, I, et al