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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Oct-2017Comparative assessment of An. gambiae and An. stephensi mosquitoes to determine transmission-reducing activity of antibodies against P. falciparum sexual stage antigens.Eldering, M; Bompard, A; Miura, K; Stone, W; Morlais, I, et al
Oct-2020High Plasmodium infection intensity in naturally infected malaria vectors in AfricaBompard, A; Da, DF; Yerbanga, SR; Morlais, I; Awono-Ambéné, PH, et al
2-Sep-2015Immunogenicity of the RTS,S/AS01 malaria vaccine and implications for duration of vaccine efficacy: secondary analysis of data from a phase 3 randomised controlled trialWhite, MT; Verity, R; Griffin, JT; Asante, KP; Owusu-Agyei, S, et al
21-Oct-2018Informing target product profiles for a second-generation childhood malaria vaccine: a modelling studyHogan, A; Winskill, P; Verity, R; Griffin, J; Ghani, A, et al
13-Jul-2018Modelling population-level impact to inform target product profiles for childhood malaria vaccinesHogan, AB; Winskill, P; Verity, R; Griffin, J; Ghani, A, et al
24-Jan-2017Modelling the cost-effectiveness of introducing the RTS,S malaria vaccine relative to scaling up other malaria interventions in sub-Saharan AfricaWinskill, P; Walker, P; Griffin, J; Ghani, A; , et al
Dec-2021Monoclonal antibodies block transmission of genetically diverse Plasmodium falciparum strains to mosquitoesDe Jong, RM; Meerstein-Kessel, L; Da, DF; Nsango, S; Challenger, JD, et al
8-Mar-2021Predicting the public health impact of a malaria transmission-blocking vaccineChallenger, J; Olivera Mesa, D; Da, DF; Yerbanga, RS; Lefèvre, T, et al
3-Jul-2019Protein O-fucosyltransferase 2 is not essential for plasmodium berghei developmentSanz, S; Aquilini, E; Tweedell, RE; Verma, G; Hamerly, T, et al
5-Nov-2015Public health impact and cost-effectiveness of the RTS,S/AS01 malaria vaccine: a systematic comparison of predictions from four mathematical modelsPenny, MA; Verity, RV; Bever, C; Sauboin, C; Galactionova, K, et al
19-Jun-2018Synergy in anti-malarial pre-erythrocytic and transmission-blocking antibodies is achieved by reducing parasite densitySherrard-Smith, E; Sala, KA; Betancourt, M; Upton, LM; Angrisano, F, et al
15-Oct-2019Transmission-blocking effects of primaquine and methylene blue suggest P. falciparum gametocyte sterilisation rather than effects on sex ratioBradley, J; Soumaré, HM; Mahamar, A; Diawara, H; Roh, M, et al
23-Oct-2015Vaccine approaches to malaria control and elimination: Insights from mathematical modelsWhite, MT; Verity, R; Churcher, TS; Ghani, AC; , et al