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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Jan-2017Bridging the gap between dielectric nanophotonics and the visible regime with effectively lossless gallium phosphide antennasCambiasso, J; Grinblat, G; Li, Y; Rakovich, A; Cortes, E, et al
15-Dec-2016Efficient third harmonic generation and nonlinear subwavelength imaging at a higher-order anapole mode in a single germanium nanodisk.Grinblat, G; Li, Y; Nielsen, MP; Oulton, RF; Maier, SA, et al
13-Mar-2017Efficient Third Harmonic Generation from Metal-Dielectric Hybrid NanoantennasShibanuma, T; Grinblat, G; Albella, P; Maier, SA; , et al
24-Jun-2016Enhanced third harmonic generation in single Germanium nanodisks excited at the anapole modeGrinblat, G; Li, Y; Nielsen, MP; Oulton, R; Maier, SA, et al
24-Feb-2017Experimental demonstration of tunable directional scattering of visible light from all-dielectric asymmetric dimersShibamuna, T; Matsui, T; Roschuk, T; Wojcik, J; Mascher, P, et al
27-Jul-2017High power propulsion strategies for aquatic take-off in roboticsSiddall, RJD; Kovac, M; Kennedy, G; , et al
1-Jan-2022On the development of new test techniques to measure the tensile response of materials at high and ultra-high strain ratesZhou, J; Tagarielli, V;
14-Jul-2016Photo-induced enhanced Raman spectroscopy for universal ultra-trace detection of explosives, pollutants and biomoleculesBen-Jaber, S; Peveler, WJ; Quesada-Cabrera, R; Cortés, E; Sotela-Vasquez, C, et al
21-Oct-2016Resonant enhancement of second-harmonic generation in the mid-infrared using localized surface phonon polaritons in subdiffractional nanostructuresRazdolski, I; Chen, Y; Giles, AJ; Gewinner, S; Schöllkopf, W, et al
23-Aug-2021TEMPO-oxidised nanocellulose hydrogels and self-standing films derived from bacterial cellulose nanopaperYang, Y; Wloch, D; Lee, K-Y;
30-Jan-2017Theoretical investigation of phonon polaritons in SiC micropillar resonatorsGubbin, CR; Maier, SA; De Liberato, S; , et al
Dec-2020Underwater blast loading of partially submerged sandwich composite materials in relation to air blast loading responseRolfe, E; Quinn, R; Irven, G; Brick, D; Dear, JP, et al
29-Jun-2016Unidirectional light scattering with high efficiency at optical frequencies based on low-loss dielectric nanoantennasShibanuma, T; Albella, P; Maier, SA; , et al