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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Oct-2021Capacity and quantum geometry of parametrized quantum circuitsHaug, T; Bharti, K; Kim, MS;
2-Jun-2021Confinement and entanglement dynamics on a digital quantum computerVovrosh, J; Knolle, J;
28-Jun-2021Efficient quantum state sample tomography with basis-dependent neural networksSmith, AWR; Gray, J; Kim, MS; , et al
2-Jun-2021Optimal teleportation via noisy quantum channels without additional qubit resourcesIm, D-G; Lee, C-H; Kim, Y; Nha, H; Kim, MS, et al
10-Mar-2021Quantum one-time tables for unconditionally secure qubit- commitmentLie, SH; Kwon, H; Kim, MS; Jeong, H; , et al
28-Nov-2019Simulating quantum many-body dynamics on a current digital quantum computerSmith, A; Kim, MS; Pollmann, F; Knolle, J;
22-Jul-2021Variational quantum algorithm with information sharingSelf, CN; Khosla, KE; Smith, AWR; Sauvage, F; Haynes, PD, et al