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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-2018Characterization of a protozoan Phosducin-like protein-3 (PhLP-3) reveals conserved redox activityKooistra, RL; David, R; Ruiz, AC; Powers, SW; Haselton, KJ, et al
22-Oct-2019Immune responses to gametocyte antigens in a malaria endemic population-the African falciparum context: a systematic review and meta-analysisMuthui, MK; Kamau, A; Bousema, T; Blagborough, AM; Bejon, P, et al
25-Jan-2018Immunization with Transgenic Rodent Malaria Parasites Expressing Pfs25 Induces Potent Transmission-Blocking ActivitySala, K; Angrisano, F; Da, DF; Taylor, IJ; Churcher, T, et al
24-Nov-2017Protective efficacy of an IL-12-expressing baculoviral malaria vaccineIyori, M; Blagborough, AM; Sala, KA; Nishiura, H; Takagi, K, et al