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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2017Aerodynamic optimization of high pressure turbine and interstage duct in a two-stage air system for a heavy-duty diesel engineMartinez-Botas, Ricardo; Costall, Aaron; Khairuddin, Uswah Binti;
Jun-2012Carbon Fibre Reinforced Poly(vinylidene Fluoride)Bismarck, Alexander; Leevers, Patrick; Shamsuddin, Siti Rosminah;
Mar-2013Characterisation of isomiRs in stem cellsCui, Wei; Dibb, Nick; Tan, Geok Chin; , et al
Nov-2015Creativity in the Malaysian ESL (English as a second language) curriculum: Policy and implementationDrage, Charles; Kingsbury, Martyn; Halim, Huzaina Abdul;
May-2020Development of FexN thin films with microcompression analysisGiuliani, Finn; Muhammad Nadzri, Nur Izzati binti;
May-2015Development of hierarchical composites for structural applicationsGreenhalgh, Emile; Bismarck, Alexander; Shaffer, Milo; Zainol Abidin, Mohd Shukur; , et al
Sep-2017Eletrodeposited nickel anodes for solid oxide fuel cellsBRANDON, NIGEL P; Jamil, Zadariana;
2012Fabrication and Characterization of Ni/ScSZ Cermet Anodes for Intermediate Temperature SOFCsBrandon, Nigel; Somalu, Mahendra Rao;
Jun-2015Flip-chip bonding using laser induced ultrasonic vibrationHolmes, Andrew; Nordin, Mohd Hisham;
Jan-2016Gut microbial metabolome: regulation of host metabolism by SCFAsDumas, Marc; Abdul Rahim, Mohd Badrin Hanizam Bin;
Oct-2018Multimetallic compounds and nanoparticles functionalised with transitional metal units for application in catalysisWilton-Ely, James; Jantan, Khairil Anuar;
Feb-2020Nitrification/denitrification in a submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactor (SAMBR) for nitrogen removalStuckey, David; Mohd Nawi, Mohd Nazri;
Oct-2014Nitrogenous disinfection by-product occurrence, formation, and stability in drinking waterTempleton, Michael; Mokhtar Kamal, Nurul;
Dec-2014One-dimensional modelling of hydrate formation in pipelinesIssa, Raad; Jones, William; Ali, Mohamad Azlin;
Dec-2017Prediction of long-term static and cyclic creep rupture and crack growth of grade 92 steels under different stress statesNikbin, Kamran; Davies, Catrin; Alang, Nasrul Azuan;
Jul-2013Risk-based decision making framework for the integrated environmental management of dredging sedimentsVoulvoulis, Nick; Manap, Norpadzlihatun;
Apr-2015Stability and toxicity of silver nanomaterialsRyan, Mary; McPhail, David; Leo, Bey Fen;
Dec-2015Surface analysis of simulant UK high level waste glassLee, Bill; Jones, Julian; Ahmad, Nor Ezzaty;
Nov-2017Translating specialized metaphors in technical discourse: an analysis of 'Foundations of Engineering' and its Malay translation 'Asas Kejuruteraan'Shuttleworth, Mark; Abdullah, Sharmini;