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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2018A systematic review and meta-analysis of anti-cytokine therapies targeting IL-1 and TNF- A in myocardial infarction and heart failurePanahi, M; Papanikolaou, A; Khan, H; Torabi, A; Cleland, JGF, et al
27-May-2020Characterising the loss-of-function impact of 5' untranslated region variants in 15,708 individualsWhiffin, N; Karczewski, KJ; Zhang, X; Chothani, S; Smith, MJ, et al
3-Jun-2021Non-coding region variants upstream of MEF2C cause severe developmental disorder through three distinct loss-of-function mechanismsWright, CF; Quaife, NM; Ramos-Hernández, L; Danecek, P; Ferla, MP, et al
16-Jan-2018Single-cell transcriptional profiling reveals cellular diversity and intercommunication in the mouse heartSkelly, DA; Squiers, GT; McLellan, MA; Bolisetty, MT; Robson, P, et al
Jan-2021Type 2 MI induced by a single high dose of isoproterenol in C57BL/6J mice triggers a persistent adaptive immune response against the heartForte, E; Panahi, M; Baxan, N; Ng, FS; Boyle, JJ, et al
9-Aug-2019WWP2 regulates pathological cardiac fibrosis by modulating SMAD2 signalingChen, H; Moreno-Moral, A; Pesce, F; Devapragash, N; Mancini, M, et al