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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2016Computer simulations of functional solid oxidesHorsfield, Andrew; Skinner, Stephen; Grimes, Robin; Wu, Ji; , et al
Sep-2016The effect of chemical and mechanical lattice strain on the transport properties of thin film and bulk PrCoO3-δSkinner, Stephen; Kilner, John; Lew, Mabel;
Mar-2016Investigation of intrinsic defects and versatility of Zn-doping in SnO2 thin films using pulsed laser depositionMcLachlan, Martyn; Anthopoulos, Thomas; Porte, Yoann Bernard Henri;
Sep-2014A model for polymer membranesSutton, Adrian P.; Mostofi, Arash A.; Livingston, Andrew G.; Spencer, James S.; Broadbent, Richard, et al
May-2012Sintering of ZnO-Gd2O3 ceramic targets for functional thin filmsAlford, Neil; Petrov, Peter; Riley, Jason; Yousefi, Mahdieh;
Mar-2017Structural and electronic properties of tin ternary oxidesPayne, David; McLachlan, Martyn; Riedel, Caroline;
Apr-2016Synthesis and functionalisation of biocompatible magnetic nanomaterialsDunlop, Iain; Porter, Alexandra; Luongo, Giovanni;